Elmet has introduced a standardized barcode system for drum labelling and recognition as an integral part of its TOP 5000 P dosing systems. This new identification system has been developed jointly with the Wacker chemical group. Helmut Gaderer, Sales Manager at Elmet, says: „Unfavorable conditions lead in practice surprisingly often to workers mixing up the drums containing components A and B, despite the existing labels. If the machine is then started up, it inevitably causes a system downtime and extremely time-consuming cleaning work with a production outage that can take up to 24 hours. The resultant losses for the processor are always immensely high. Our idea, which has now been put into practice in conjunction with Wacker, more or less rules this out. Two other large manufacturers of raw materials for silicone injection molding are currently looking at the possibility of introducing the system and all others are being called on to adopt this uncomplicated code in order to protect their customers against this risk of confusion. We have intentionally not had this technical solution patented and therefore hope that our idea will be implemented quickly and comprehensively to the benefit of all LSR processors.“ The TOP 5000 P multi-component dosing system equipped with the new scanner is designed for the large-series production of high-quality parts. It is suitable for shot weights of less than 0.1 g to several kg, for 200 l and 20 l containers and material viscosities of 9,000 mPas to 3,000,000 mPas, even when there are significant viscosity differences between the A and B components. The additional additive control ensures high-precision, constant dosage irrespective of sediments, wear and viscosity differences.