Injection Moulding

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Das Dosiersystem ist von allen Seiten zugänglich und erfordert dadurch besonders wenig Platz und Zeit beim Fasswechsel. Zugleich schließt die auf dem Touchscreen angezeigte Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitung Fehlbedienungen jetzt nahezu aus. Bildquelle: Elmet

Dosiertechnik für die Verarbeitung von Flüssigsilikon

Dosing system increases convenience and reliability in the injection molding of LSR

Auf der K 2016 stellte Elmet , Systemlieferant für den Bereich der Spritzgießverarbeitung von Zweikomponenten-Flüssigsilikonkautschuken (LSR), erstmals sein neues Mehrkomponenten-Dosiersystem vor. Die Anlage ist besonders leicht zu bedienen und von allen Seiten zugänglich für einen sicheren und komfortablen Fasswechsel. more...

May 18. 2017 - Tires in

Die zwei Kunststoffkomponenten sind im Spritzguss miteinander verbunden, so dass ein Montageschritt entfällt. Bildquelle: BASF

Abrasion-resistant, low temperature flexible TPU

Plastic with a cold grip

Even at low temperatures plastic can efficiently substitute metal: the French textile and rubber company Joubert Productions, Ambert, is for the first time putting snow chains on the market whose chain links are made entirely from plastic. more...

March 7. 2017 - Tires in

Injection mould cleaning (Reference: Cold Jet)


K 2016: Sustainable dry ice cleaning solutions for the plastic and rubber industry

Cold Jet, Weinsheim, presents at the tradeshow its Plastics Edition. It is a comprehensive line of accessories that will come packaged with the Aero Series dry ice cleaning systems to provide the best cleaning solution for the plastics industry. The Edition is available in either pellet blasting systems or in the shaved ice technology. The shaved ice technology features the patented microparticle technology of the company. more...

October 11. 2016 - Product Review

Am neuen Standort in Kottingbrunn  können in Linien- und Taktfertigung Maschinen mit bis zu 460 Tonnen Schließkraft montiert werden. Bilder: alle Maplan

Neuer Standort, neues Werk, neue Strategie

Ergonomics and performance in focus

Das Maschinenbau-Unternehmen Maplan hat einen neuen Standort und die Chance für eine Neuausrichtung genutzt. Der größte Teil der Mitarbeiter und damit sehr viel Kompetenz folgten dem Untenehmen nach Kottingbrunn. Die Produktionskapazität wurde verdoppelt und die Taktfertigung verbessert die Durchlaufzeiten um 30 Prozent. Auf der K 2016 präsentieren die Experten Spritzgießmaschinen mit neuer Technik und aktuellem Design sowie eine neue webbasierte Steuerung. more...

October 10. 2016 - Tires in


Influencing the anisotropic material behavour of TPV

Characterization of anisotropic material behavior of injection moulded TPV-products

Thermoplastic vulcanizates show a strong anisotropy in their material properties after injection moulding. For example, mechanical properties like stiffness or strength can differ longitudinally or transversely to the flow direction by a factor of two. In a research project important factors (process, material, geometry) influencing the anisotropic material behaviour of TPV were identified. With the […] more...

October 7. 2016 - Research news

"We have a number of pioneering innovations and visionary technology concepts up our sleeve for the K 2016 international show," explains Michael Hehl, Managing Partner and Spokesperson for the Arburg Management Team. (Resource: Arburg)

Injection Molding

K 2016: Trends in lightweight construction, LSR processing, packaging technology and more

A total of 27 Arburg machines will be on show at „K“ trade fair, presenting applications, processes and turnkey solutions for the efficient production of plastic parts – from single-unit to high-volume batches. Machine manufacturers like Arburg, Lossburg, are rebranding themselves as suppliers of flexible production systems for IT-networked production in the smart factory. At the fair an innovative application will be on show, which comprises a vertical Allrounder 375 V, a Freeformer and an automation solution. more...

October 6. 2016 - Product Review

The process controll balances out process fluctuations. (Reference: Engel)

Injection Molding

K 2016: Balances out process fluctuations before rejects are produced

Producing moulded parts of a consistently high quality shot by shot is the aim of every injection moulder. Simply using a precise injection moulding machine will not achieve this, however. Even minor changes in ambient conditions or in raw materials and wear have an effect and can mean that parameters need to be readjusted. more...

September 21. 2016 - Product Review

Farbregelung 13x9

Controlled color and additive supply for LSR injection molding

More precision for more efficiency

Designing their multicomponent dosing systems, Elmet, full-system supplier of liquid silicone rubber (LSR) injection molding (LIM) solutions, puts special emphasis on a highly sensitive control of the dye pigments and additives dispensing process to make the use of these components as efficient as possible. more...

April 5. 2016 - Tires in

The new injection moulding machine is equipped with an injection unit designed to handle paste silicone and is furnished with the necessary mould handling equipment to produce a range of insulators (Source: TRP Sealing Systems)


UK silicone moulder TRP adds Desma machine to production line

TRP Sealing Systems Ltd., Hereford, has recently taken delivery of a new 400 ton Desma injection moulding machine for the production of high voltage silicone insulators more...

December 3. 2015 - News

Die Holmlostechnik sorgt  für schnelle Rüstprozesse.

Injection Molding of LSR

GW Silicones grows with tie-bar-less machines

Thanks to highly automated molding cells, internal tooling capabilities and comprehensive material expertise, GW Silicones has secured competitive ad-vantages for itself in the North American market. For the continuing expansion of its production capacity, the subsidiary of GW Plastics – with headquarters in Bethel, Vermont, USA – trusts tie-bar-less injection molding machines from ENGEL. Because not only do they guarantee high efficiency, but they offer a great degree of flexibility as well. more...

October 13. 2015 - Tires in


Projectile injection technique – Injection moulding of fibre-reinforced, elastomeric media hoses

For the manufacturing of fibre-reinforced, elastomeric media hoses the projectile injection technique, a special injection moulding process, is examined as an alternative to established extrusion process. Our investigations show that in an one-step injection moulding process complex, fibre-reinforced media hoses can be made of liquid silicone rubber. Process parameters can be used to adjust specifically the part quality such as the residual wall thickness. more...

August 13. 2015 - Research news

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DKT & IRC 2015 / Injection Molding

Threaded brass bush insert overmoulded with EPDM in 60 seconds

At the IRC Arburg, Lossburg, will present a compact production cell producing removal suction cups with a brass bush. more...

June 23. 2015 - Product Review

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DKT & IRC 2015 / Injection Moulding

Reliable, high performance and highly flexible

This year, the main focus of the mechanical and plant engineering and construction company from Maplan Austria is innovative technologies with some very interesting process and automation solutions. more...

June 23. 2015 - Product Review

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Upfront mold optimization for LSR applications with virtual molding

From X-shaped to Cold Runner Layout with Virtual Molding

In a four-cavity LSR mold, CVA Silicones, from France, was able to reduce scrap production, optimize thermal layout and avoid costly quality issues by using virtual molding software. more...

December 12. 2014 - Tires in

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O-ring production

Material saving and energy efficient O-ring production in cold runner technology

The Woco group develops and manufactures demanding components as well as complete subassemblies for automotive engineering and industrial applications. They are producing O-rings with a rubber injection moulding machines of Klöckner Desma Elastomertechnik by using the material saving cold runner technology, more...

October 7. 2014 - Tires in

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