Size exclusion chromatography and EPR-spectroscopy

Mechanochemical Halide Modification of Butyl Rubber by Means of Swelling

In the present work the process of mechanochemical halide modification was investigated. By means of size exclusion chromatography and EPR-spectroscopy it was found, that when swell-ing in a solvent, mechanical degradation of the macro molecules of the rubber into macro radi-cals occurred. more...

August 4. 2017 - Research news


EPDM blend for Profiles

Elaboration of Rubber Profiles for Automotive-industry

EPDM is extensively used in automotive applications and is favored to superior heat resistance, ozone resistance and weathering resistance. This study aims to elaborate rubber profiles for car windows and doors based on EPDM and EPDM/LLDPE blend formulations. Different prepared rubber compounds and vulcanizates were evaluated by determining the rheometric characteristics and physico-mechanical properties. The […] more...

May 8. 2017 - Research news

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Rubber Suspension in Sports

“Rubber” an indispensable Material for high Performance in Sports Application

The present paper deals with the development of a progressive rubber-suspension system as light weight construction substituting a combination of a steel spring and rubber bushing system for sports equipment application. The new developed rubber suspension element uses the V-element geometry with respect to well-known non-linear mechanical behaviour of rubber and the expected non-linear relationship […] more...

February 3. 2017 - Research news


Rubber as Coating-Material

Chemical Modification of Poly (Vinyl Alcohol) with Starch/Natural Rubber and its Application for the Encapsulation of Urea Fertilizer

The objective of this work was to study the chemical modification of poly (vinyl alcohol) (PVA) with cassava starch (St) and natural rubber (NR) by using potassium persulfate (K2S2O8) as an initiator and its application in controlling urea release. The structure of the PVA grafted with St and NR was supported by ATR-FT-IR results. The […] more...

December 7. 2016 - Research news

Wirkprinzip  des eingesetzten Messsystems (Draufsicht). Prüfspitze mit Kraftsensor (Fx, Fy) bewegt sich auf Linearführung (Sy) und belastet den rotierenden Prüfkörper (ω) schlagartig.  Bildquelle: Leibniz-Institut für Polymer­forschung Dresden e.V.

Impact loading of Carbon Black filled SBR Compounds

Wear of technical Rubber Materials under cyclic impact loading Conditions

The aim of this study is focused on the experimental investigations of wear behavior caused by cyclic impact loading of carbon black filled rubber compounds comprising pristine styrene butadiene rubber (SBR) together with incorporated SBR ground rubber (rubber powder). more...

November 28. 2016 - Research news


Prediction of Elastomeric Properties

A Proposition of constitutive Relationship of isotropic incompressible hyperelastic Material with limited Extensibility on the Basis of Gent’s Model

Elastic properties of rubber-like materials with limiting extensibility can be characterized by means of strain energy function and locking condition. One can show that the Gent’s model cannot be used for relatively large stretches and provides poor approximation of experimental data. The basic aim of the present paper is to propose a generalization of Gent’s […] more...

September 7. 2016 - Research news

Fig. 3: Light flash   system LFA 467 Hyper- Flash® on the left and  laser flash system   LFA 457 MicroFlash®  on the right.

Laser Flash Analysis

Determination of the Thermal Diffusivity and Thermal Conductivity on Rubbers by means of Light/Laser Flash Analysis (LFA)

In order to get information about the heat transfer in materials, researchers and engineers have to select from a variety of test methods the most suitable one to characterize the thermophysical properties of substances and configurations of interest. For many material classes including polymers, the flash technique is an ideal choice to master these tasks. […] more...

September 2. 2016 - Research news


Layered Silicates and organoclay-Additive

A Short Review on Hybrid Clay/Rubber Nanocomposites

The review is particularly focused on clay (layered silicates), organoclay and rubber nanocomposites reported in the period from 2005 to 2015. The review covers the investigations carried out on the preparation techniques, modifications with several chemical compounds as quaternary alkylammonium salts and also biomolecules as enzymes that provide applicability in a variety of fields of […] more...

June 6. 2016 - Research news

Bildquelle: Prof. Nikolay Dishovsky, Ph.D, DSc. University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy Dept. Polymer Engineering 1756 Sofia, Bulgaria

Carbon-Silica Hybrid Fillers

Comparative Study of the Phase Distribution in Carbon-Silica Hybrid Fillers for Rubber obtained by different Impregnation Technologies

Dual phase fillers of the type carbon black-silica have been prepared by two different technologies. more...

May 2. 2016 - Research news

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Simulation of Tire-Road static Interaction of all-Steel Pneumatic Truck Tire

A source of the specific properties of the cord-rubber tire composite and difficulties encountered in the analysis of deformation of a pneumatic tire are pointed out. A method is proposed for modeling of deformation of the tire that provides valuable results from the tire designer’s point of view. As a result of simulation of the […] more...

February 1. 2016 - Research news

A tire manufacturing plant in Iran. Under its vision plan, Iran must produce 700,000 metric tons of tires a year. (Source: presstv)


Iran building rubber plant with assistance of Versalis and Maire Tecnimont

Iran's television network presstv reported on October 13, Italy’s Versalis and Maire Tecnimont are helping Iran to build a plant for production of emulsion styrene butadiene rubber (ESBR). The plant is built with 255 million euros of investment in 29 months. more...

October 21. 2015 - News

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Coated silicon tip for a ballpoint enables safe and simple touchscreen use

The new stylus for the Stabilo Smart Ball 2.0 is made from conductive silicone with a Silmade low-friction coating. Starlim Sterner, Marchtrenk, Austria, and Silcos, Reutlingen, Germany, are now producing the stylus having captured an order from Stabilo following a joint design project that met all the customer’s stringent demands. more...

June 26. 2015 - Product Review


New fire retardant and drinking water compounds

Polycomp, Vorden, Netherlands, has developed a new fire retardant EPDM compound with excellent fire retardant properties. The LOI is with 34.7% very high, and smoke generation and toxicity of gases is very low. more...

June 25. 2015 - Product Review

Simulation & Development

Development of an extremely fatigue-resistant Shock Absorber

An extremely fatigue resistant shock absorber was developed from basic mechanics principles using nonlinear elastic material models and finite element analysis. Prototypes were manufactured and tested to confirm the calculations and to find out the fatigue properties. more...

December 8. 2014 - Research news


Fundamental Study and alternative Methods for the Evaluation of the Wall-Slipping Effect for Highly Viscose Rubber Mixtures

The phenomenon of wall-slipping is particularly common in rubber mixtures and represents a difficult flow anomaly to be described. In the literature exist neither a uniform model concept nor reliable measuring methods for the detection and quantification of wallslipping. more...

December 8. 2014 - Research news

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