Bildquelle: Sigma Engineering

Bildquelle: Sigma Engineering

During the processing of liquid silicone rubber (LSR) Sigmasoft Virtual Molding is a vital tool. Because of their particular rheology and cross linking kinetics, LSRs only allow for a narrow processing window and thus present some challenges to the processor. These circumstances have however motivated a number of innovations, to fully exploit the potential of the material.
Precisely during the application of new ideas and innovative concepts, virtual processing feasibility studies support not only cost reduction, but also the risk-free trial of innovations, easily and simply. Through a newly developed adaptable unit, Elmet makes it possible to produce 2-component applications with existing 1-component LSR machines. During K show, Elmet and Momentive demonstrated this novelty at K 2016 using as example a 2-component egg cup, produced in a 4+4 mold on a modified Arburg Allrounder 470 A.

With the aid of Sigmasoft Virtual Molding it was possible to try upfront whether the project was practicable with the planned combination of material, mold, machine and process parameters. The processability of the chosen Silopren LSR 2670 at the plunger pump of the adaptable unit was one of the main questions during the evaluation. The simulation in the virtual injection molding machine helped to find the necessary filling time, demanded pressure and finally the optimal material, without wasting resources and without the danger of damaging the real adaptable unit. Its potential was exploited without the need for long trial and error and the complete process was optimally designed.

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