Taking into consideration mold complexity, compound, venting system and the cleaning process either online or offline, tire manufactures can use this new technology to significantly increase their mold cleaning process outcome. The Company says its enhanced dry ice Microparticle technology ensures a better, faster, safer, quitter, non-abrasive and more efficient clean with the lowest media (ice and air) consumption. By resizing any common dry ice, and in combination with the Sure Flow technology, considerably more dry ice MicroParticles can strike the surface in any given time, able to reach areas where 3 mm pellets and conventional methods cannot clean. Cold Jet dry ice cleaning allows for in-place cleaning, without major disassembly or cool down. The non-abrasive media, in the form of recycled CO2, will not damage the mold, therefore enabling rubber molders to extend their running times and enhance their productivity.

Tire Technology Expo 2017, Booth 3040