The decision to produce this elastomer in Tarragona will expand Dow‘s current capacity to serve the hot melt adhesives (HMA) market. Adding to existing production in Freeport, Texas, the capacity in Tarragona will enable sourcing from two continents, helping Dow to better serve its global customer base.

Kim Ann Mink, Ph.D., Business President, Dow Elastomers, Electrical & Telecommunications, said. „This investment in Tarragona along with the flexibility offered at our new, previously announced High Melt Index (HMI) elastomers train on the U.S. Gulf Coast will help ensure Dow keeps pace with demands for HMAs in end-of-line packaging and non-wovens for health and hygiene applications“.

„Affinty GA combines exceptional performance results with demonstrated cost savings to deliver end-user advantages not previously attainable with conventional formulations,“ said David Mitchell, Global Marketing Director, Elastomers, Electrical & Telecommunications.

Affinty POEs are specifically developed for HMA formulations and a range of polymer modification applications, and are characterized by novel chemistry that combines high flow, low crystallinity and low molecular weight, allowing processors and formulators to achieve faster flow in thermoplastic polyolefin blends that can demonstrate increased flexibility and durability, and HMAs that enhance bond strength. Customers may also achieve reduced clogging and charring, resulting in cost savings from less equipment failures, downtime and maintenance.