Fig. 5: Schematic illustration of ESC generated on floor material and polypropylene.

Friction and ESC

Reducing electrostatic Charge generated on Polymeric Floor in Hospitals

The aim of this research is to develop a new material for reducing electrostatic charge (ESC) generated from the walking of polypropylene shoes against polymeric floor in hospitals. more...

July 31. 2018 - Research news

Fig. 2: Finite element model representing the O-ring seal in the undeformed configuration. An extruded view of the axisymmetric  model is shown.

Simulation of Ageing Process

Finite Element Simulation of the Rubber Mechanical Behaviour due to thermomechanical Ageing

Service conditions in rubber components may provoke damage in them, leading to their incapability to develop their original functions. more...

July 27. 2018 - Research news

Fig. 4: AAF and von Mises equivalent stress at maximum deformation along the symmetry axis.

Behaviour of technical Elastomer-Components

FEM Implementation of elastomeric stress softening

The complex mechanical behaviour of filled elastomers comprises several nonlinear and dissipative effects, one of them is stress softening. more...

July 27. 2018 - Research news

Fig. 6: Mooney-Rivlin material calibration.

Analyzing Stress States

Efficient Material Parameter Calibration of Elastomer Specimen in uniaxial Tension, planar Shear and equibiaxial Tension

For analyzing arbitrary static 3D stress states in solid rubber compounds, three different material tests are performed. more...

July 26. 2018 - Research news

Fig. 2: Schematic image for distinguishing physical and chemical  relaxation.

Aging of EPDM

The analysis of Aging Processes of EPDM Elastomers using low field NMR with Inverse Laplace Transform and Stress Relaxation Measurements

With regard to the long-term stability of seals, “stress-relaxation” testing is known to deliver important information. more...

July 26. 2018 - Research news

To demonstrate  the capabilities of the LSR, Dow has used the material to  manufacture high-performance silicone rubber parts on a German Reprap  Liquid Additive  Manufacturing (LAM) 3D printer. Source: KGK / Dr. Etwina Gandert

Product Review

Smart Silicone Elastomer Science for automotive Applications and innovative Technology for 3D Printing

Highlights of Dow’s DKT 2018 lineup included an expanded range of silicone elastomer technologies, a presentation on liquid silicone rubber (LSR) for megatrend challenges in the automotive industry and demonstrations of Dow’s new LSR technology for additive manufacturing. more...

July 24. 2018 - Product Review

◄ Christoph Siara summarised the advantages of the new graphen nanotubes in rubber. Source: KGK / Dr. Etwina Gandert

Tuball Nanotubes

High-performance Rubbers and Silicones with Graphene Nanotubes

At DKT 2018 Ocsial and its European distributor C.H. Erbslöh presented TUBALL graphene nanotubes and nanotube-based concentrates developed for the elastomers industry. more...

July 23. 2018 - Product Review

Gear Extruder ROTOMEX ZX 75neo.  Bildquelle: Troester

Gear Extruder

Gear Extruder Series Extended

In order to meet continuously evolving material requirements, Troester, has expanded their existing offering of the Rotomex ZX series gear extruders with the addition of the ZX 75neo and ZX 120neo. more...

July 2. 2018 - Product Review

Fig. 8: Dependence of εb on ATBC content (factor x3) and starch content (factor x2) in PLA/TPS/PHB blends, measured two weeks after film extrusion. Source Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava

Influence of structure of the blend based on polylactic acid, polyhydroxybutyrate and thermoplastic starch (PLA/TPS/PHB) on morphology and mechanical properties

Multicomponent Blends based on Polylactic Acid, Polyhydroxybuty-Rate and thermoplastic Starch

Influence of structure of the blend based on polylactic acid, polyhydroxybutyrate and thermoplastic starch (PLA/TPS/PHB) on morphology and mechanical properties was studied. more...

June 30. 2018 - Research news

Die hydraulische Vertikalmaschine MTF 1500/280 ist  in Kombination mit automatisierter Formteilentnahme und Weiterbearbeitungseinrichtungen zur vollauto- matischen Produktionszelle hochgerüstet. Bildquelle: alle Maplan

Industrie 4.0 und vernetzte Systeme im Brennpunkt

Rubber injection moulding combined with robotics and automation

Auf der DKT 2018 wird Maplan mit zwei vollautomatischen und Industrie-4.0-fähigen Produktionszellen vertreten sein. Eine MTF-Vertikal- und eine MHF-Horizontalmaschine in Kombination mit Handling-Robotern, Bearbeitungsperipherie und der C6000-Maschinensteuerung geben einen Einblick in den technischen Status des Anlagenportfolios. more...

June 29. 2018 - Tires in

Fig. 7: Material assignment in a test model. Source: TU Chemnitz

Rubber reinforced with textile cords

Finite Element Models for textile reinforced Rubber Components

The bellows as key component of air springs is made from rubber reinforced with textile cords. more...

June 28. 2018 - Research news

Boy XS mit 8 mm Silikoneinheit für die UV-Vernetzung von LSR. Bildquelle: Dr. Boy

Silikonverarbeitung mit einer 8 mm kleinen Einheit

DKT 2018: Cool way of Silicone Processing

Dr. Boy zeigt auf der Ausstellungstagung in Nürnberg die Verarbeitung von Elastomeren und Sili-konen auf zwei Spritzgießautomaten, darunter eine Anwendung mit zwei Flüssigsilikon-Komponenten. more...

June 27. 2018 - Tires in

Fig. 1: Experimental setup of high-pressure capillary rheometer test. Source: Institut für Kunststoffverarbeitung RWTH Aachen

Rheometric analyses are performed with a high-pressure capillary rheometer

Investigation of Wall Slippage in Silicone Rubber Compound by means of High-pressure Capillary Rheometer

Compared to organic rubber, silicone rubbers have a lower viscosity and a stronger structural viscosity. more...

June 26. 2018 - Research news

Mixing Room Solutions

DKT 2018: Mixing Room Solutions

HF Mixing Group´s strategy clearly has a focus for mixing room systems all delivered out of one hand. more...

June 25. 2018 - Product Review

Fig. 8: Temperature distribution of the NR20-sample during biaxial harmonic loading  with a strain amplitude of 60 % at 1 Hz at minimal and maximal strain of the 250th  loading cycle (left and middle) and curves of dissipative heating over time at different strains (right). Source: Leibniz-Institut Polymerforschung, Dresden

A new Biaxial Tester

Biaxial testing System for high static and dynamic Loading of Elastomers and its Applications

For the investigation of elastomers under near-realistic loading, a new Biaxial Tester was designed and tested. more...

June 21. 2018 - Research news