Thermal diffusivity of NR

Comparison of Methods for Measuring the Thermal Diffusivity of Unfilled and Filled Natural Rubbers

A comparison between two measurement techniques for determining the thermal diffusivity of unfilled and filled NR samples is considered: more...

May 11. 2021 - Research news


Thermal Degradation

Fundamental Aspects for Evaluation of Activation Energy of thermal Degradation of Tetrafluoroethylene-propylene Elastomer by Weight Change

The activation energy of thermal aging of tetrafluoroethylene-propylene elastomer was evaluated by the measurements of the weight change, using two methods. more...

May 4. 2021 - Research news


Biobased Encapsulation

Fabrication and Properties of Cellulose Fiber / Soybean Meal / Natural Rubber Matrix for Encapsulation of Urea Fertilizer

Herein, the objective of this work was to effectively apply novel matrix from soybean meal (SB), modified with lactic acid (LA), cellulose fiber (CF) /natural rubber (NR) coating for encapsulation of urea fertilizer. more...

April 27. 2021 - Research news

Figure 1: Die comparison of melt index (laboratory) and online rheometer.

Online Capillary Rheometer

Online Rheometer – Increased Selectivity through continuous Measurement of the extensional Viscosity

Online control of product quality with regard to the rheological material properties is becoming increasingly important. more...

April 22. 2021 - Research news

Taweechai_Abb 1_

Oxygen Permeability

Effect of Fabrication Technique on Oxygen Permeation of low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)-Organoclay Nanocomposite Sheets

The effect of fabrication technique of LD-PE-organoclay nanocomposite sheets on oxygen permeability was investigated. more...

April 13. 2021 - Research news


Investigation of flame-retardant additives

A short Review on Fire retardant polymeric Materials

Polymeric materials due to their low weight to strength ratio, find mammoth applications in automobiles, aircraft, spacecraft, boats, ships, civil construction, packaging, sporting goods etc. more...

April 6. 2021 - Research news

Figure 12: Example of stress signal distortion at strain larger than the linear viscoelasticity limit. The distortion depends as well upon frequency.

Cone / cone Rheometer

Viscosity Measurement of filled Rubber Compounds – New insight for Error free Measurements

Cone/cone, closed boundary torsional rheometer (RPA) appears to be a highly interesting alternative to measure steady shear viscosity. more...

March 30. 2021 - Research news

SEM micrograph of rHDPE/NR blends prepared by simple blend (A) and dynamic vulcanization (B).

TPE mit Kenaf Fasern

Dynamisch vulkanisierte recyklierte “High Density”- Polyethylen/Naturkautschuk / Kenaf-Komposite

Die Entsorgung von Kunststoffen erfolgt größtenteils ohne eine mögliche Wiederverwertung zu berücksichtigen. more...

March 23. 2021 - Research news


NR/SBR-Blends of Tire-treads

Cut and Chip Properties of Tire Rubber Compounds

Cut and Chip properties of tire tread along with other physicals were examined for entire range of NR/SBR blends ratio, impacts of Sulphur/ Accelerator ratio, Sillica as partial replacement of Carbon Black, Resins and specific short fiber. more...

March 5. 2021 - Research news

Vineet Kumar_Najib Alam

Carbon hybrid nanofillers

Rubber Composites based on CNT-CB hybrid and CB for industrial Applications

In present work, the carbon hybrid nanofillers were used in room-temperaturevulcanized (RTV) silicone rubber as a rubber matrix. more...

March 2. 2021 - Research news

Probst Nicolaus_Brüssel

Production and application of rCB

Progress on recovered Carbon Black from Waste Tire Pyrolysis

The use of recovered carbon black from waste tire pyrolysis is not progressing . The potential reasons for this stagnation are discussed considering the latest investigations in this domain. more...

February 26. 2021 - Research news

CFD-derived T-ECAE-associated plots for computational flow-lines ((a), (d)), absolute values of dimensionless flow velocities   ((b), (e)) and the absolute values of dimensional tangential (shearing) stresses    ((c), (f)) for  punch inclination angles of   ((a), (b), (c)) and ((d), (e), (f)). T-die inlet   is at the top and the outlets and are from the left and from the right, where inlet and outlet channel widths are equal with.

Fluid Dynamic of viscous Fluids

Fluid Mechanics-based Research into beveled Punch-assisted Extrusion through a T-shaped Angular Domain

The paper is focused on a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)-based description of local flow peculiarities during T-Equal Channel Angular Extrusion (T-ECAE) of an α-inclined punch-driven viscous fluid through a T-shaped die, derived with a numerical solution of a boundary value problem for the vorticity equation. more...

February 19. 2021 - Research news

Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd.

Mechanisms of the mechanochemical reactions during the wear process

Effect of Molecular Structure on the mechanochemical Wear Behavior of hydrogenated and conventional SBR Rubbers

Effect of hydrogenation on the styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) in terms of the mechanochemical wear behavior was studied focusing on the mechanisms of the mechanochemical reactions during the wear process. more...

February 15. 2021 - Research news


Colloidal properties of different carbon black (CB) grades

Fourier Transform Rheology – an innovative Tool for the Characterization of recovered Carbon Black

Colloidal properties of different carbon black (CB) grades represented by their structure and specific surface area were characterized before and after pyrolysis. Additionally, rubber compounds produced with these fillers were investigated by Fourier Transform (FT) Rheology, since the nonlinear, rheological behavior of filled elastomers under specific conditions is associated with the filler-polymer interaction. For comparison, […] more...

February 10. 2021 - Research news

Figure 1.  Heat and Oil Resistance of Elastomers used in Automotive.

Heat- and Oil-Resistance of ACM

Next-Generation Polymer Solutions for Sealing and Fluid Transport in High-Performance automotive Transmission Systems

In dieser Publikation wird die nächste Generation der HyTemp HT-ACM Technologie vorgestellt, welche zeigt, wie diese neuen Materialien gleichzeitig die Grenzen der Tieftemperaturleistungsfähigkeit bis zu - 40 °C und die Hitzebeständigkeit bis über 175 °C verbessern, während die mechanischen Eigenschaften von Dichtungen in niedrigviskosen Getriebeöleinsatz erweitert werden. more...

February 3. 2021 - Research news