CFD-derived T-ECAE-associated plots for computational flow-lines ((a), (d)), absolute values of dimensionless flow velocities   ((b), (e)) and the absolute values of dimensional tangential (shearing) stresses    ((c), (f)) for  punch inclination angles of   ((a), (b), (c)) and ((d), (e), (f)). T-die inlet   is at the top and the outlets and are from the left and from the right, where inlet and outlet channel widths are equal with.

Fluid Dynamic of viscous Fluids

Fluid Mechanics-based Research into beveled Punch-assisted Extrusion through a T-shaped Angular Domain

The paper is focused on a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)-based description of local flow peculiarities during T-Equal Channel Angular Extrusion (T-ECAE) of an α-inclined punch-driven viscous fluid through a T-shaped die, derived with a numerical solution of a boundary value problem for the vorticity equation. more...

February 19. 2021 - Research news

Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd.

Mechanisms of the mechanochemical reactions during the wear process

Effect of Molecular Structure on the mechanochemical Wear Behavior of hydrogenated and conventional SBR Rubbers

Effect of hydrogenation on the styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) in terms of the mechanochemical wear behavior was studied focusing on the mechanisms of the mechanochemical reactions during the wear process. more...

February 15. 2021 - Research news


Colloidal properties of different carbon black (CB) grades

Fourier Transform Rheology – an innovative Tool for the Characterization of recovered Carbon Black

Colloidal properties of different carbon black (CB) grades represented by their structure and specific surface area were characterized before and after pyrolysis. Additionally, rubber compounds produced with these fillers were investigated by Fourier Transform (FT) Rheology, since the nonlinear, rheological behavior of filled elastomers under specific conditions is associated with the filler-polymer interaction. For comparison, […] more...

February 10. 2021 - Research news

Figure 1.  Heat and Oil Resistance of Elastomers used in Automotive.

Heat- and Oil-Resistance of ACM

Next-Generation Polymer Solutions for Sealing and Fluid Transport in High-Performance automotive Transmission Systems

In dieser Publikation wird die nächste Generation der HyTemp HT-ACM Technologie vorgestellt, welche zeigt, wie diese neuen Materialien gleichzeitig die Grenzen der Tieftemperaturleistungsfähigkeit bis zu - 40 °C und die Hitzebeständigkeit bis über 175 °C verbessern, während die mechanischen Eigenschaften von Dichtungen in niedrigviskosen Getriebeöleinsatz erweitert werden. more...

February 3. 2021 - Research news


Magnetic Rubber Compounds

Magnetic and mechanical Characterisation of Rubber bonded hard Ferrites Composites

The mechanical and magnetic properties of hard ferrite filled rubbers are investigated. Different compounds based on acrylonitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) and hydrogenated acrylonitrile butadiene rubber (HNBR) were manufactured and analysed. The magnetic fillers OP-71 from Dowa and FA-700 from Toda Kogyo were used. The compounds were mixed in an internal mixer and subsequently processed in […] more...

January 28. 2021 - Research news

Abb. 1: Gemeinschaftsprojekt Mund-Nasemaske Bild: Sigma Engineering

Verkürzte Entwicklung, zuverlässiger Prozess

Precise and Quick Face Mask Production With Virtual Molding

In der Kunststoffindustrie sind iterative Schritte in der Artikel- und Werkzeugentwicklung die Regel. Diese können durch Simulation deutlich verkürzt oder vermieden werden. Eine Simulation des Prozesses, egal ob es um die Auslegung eines neuen oder die Optimierung eines bestehenden Prozesses geht, spart nicht nur Kosten und Ressourcen, sie führt auch schneller zum Ziel – das ist wichtig, wenn der Termindruck hoch ist. more...

December 10. 2020 - Tires in


Analyse of Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR)- and X-Ray Photoelectron-Spectroscopy (XPS) -techniques

Preparation, Characterisation and Application of Glut Palmitate as a Coupling Agent in Natural Rubber Composites

In this work, the green glut palmitate salt (GP) was prepared using the acidbase titration method and used as a coupling agent in natural rubber (NR)-composites.   more...

December 10. 2020 - Research news


Part II: Effect of peroxide Content

Dicumyl Peroxide used as curing Agent for different Types of Rubber Matrices

Dicumyl peroxide was used as crosslinking agent for various elastomers. The content of dicumyl peroxide was changed while the curing temperature was set to 170 °C.     more...

December 10. 2020 - Research news


Modified sepiolite was used as filler in silica based elastomeric composites

Sepiolite as reinforcing Filler for Rubber Composites: From the chemical Compatibilization to the commercial Exploitation

Chemically modified sepiolite was used as filler in silica based elastomeric composites. The sepiolite was modified through the reaction with silica (nano) particles from silanes such as TEOS and TESPD. Characterization of silica (nano) particles and sepiolite was performed by means of dynamic light scattering, thermogravimetric, elemental analysis, infrared spectroscopy and field emission scanning electron […] more...

December 10. 2020 - Research news

Das Lufteinlassventil wird in einem Spritzgießschritt aus Polyamid und Flüssigsilikon produziert.

Silicone processor further expands micro injection molding competence

LSR technology for the future

The massage function in the car seat ensures relaxation on long car journeys. more...

October 16. 2020 - Tires in

Liquid Rubber kann die  Performance von Reifen steigern. Bildquelle: Artur Marciniec –

Dosing of liquid raw materials

Liquid Rubber: New formulation shows excellent results

The specialty chemicals group Evonik Industries is setting a new trend with the use of silane-functionalized polybutadienes as specialty additives for rubber production. more...

October 9. 2020 - Tires in

Abb. 1_Stocek

ISA-Measuringof the Crack Initiation Energy

Efficient Method for Characterizing the Service Lifetime of Rubber Seals

Seal applications require rubber compounds capable to endure numerous cycles of deformation without crack initiation. more...

October 1. 2020 - Research news

Abb 1_Tawfik

Biodegradability of HWC-Panels

Biological Performance of Hard Wood Composite formulated from Rice Straw and Polystyrene Foam Wastes

The objective of this study was to evaluate the biological resistance of Hard Wood Composite (HWC) panel incorporating various concentrations of Zinc Borate (ZB) and / or Magnesium Hydroxide (MH) against some fungi and bacteria decay. more...

September 30. 2020 - Research news

Fig 6_Kozakova

Electroinsulating Resin

New Stabilizers of Styrene as a reactive Monomer in Production of impregnating Resins

Styrene is one of many reactive monomers used in production of electroinsulating resins. Because of its very high reactivity, it has to be stabilized also during transport and then during manufacturing of the products based on styrene too. more...

September 30. 2020 - Research news

Scheme 1: Decomposition mechanism of dicumyl peroxide [18].

Curing Characteristic

Dicumyl Peroxide used as curing Agent for different Types of Rubber Matrices Part I: Effect of Temperature

Several elastomers were cured with dicumyl peroxide at different vulcanization temperatures. more...

September 30. 2020 - Research news