From the recorded strain- and force values, the sample stiffness can be calculated. Stiffness and phase shift depend on the material and its physical state, The dynamic mechanic material properties are represented by the complex Modulus E* = E’ + i E’’. DEA explores the electronic charge distribution of molecular electrical dipole moments in a material by applying a sinusoidal voltage between two plate electrodes. The corresponding oscillating electrical field results in an oscillating, phase shifted electrical current “through” the sample and across the capacitor.

The dielectric properties are represented by the complex conductivity ?* = ?’ + i ?’’ or complex permittivity ?* = ?’ – i ?’’. Reflect DEA spectra influences of external loads on the electronic charge distribution? Carbon black filled NBR materials are exposed to external static loads from 10 N to 40 N, 70 N, 140 N, 200 N, 380 N, and 420 N and subjected to simultaneous dielectric and dynamic mechanic analyses. The NBR cylinder are of 10 mm diameter and approx. 2 mm thickness.

The results verify a great sensitivity of the Diplexor 500 N system of Gabor, Ahlden, for variations of dielectrically properties induced by changed electronic charge distribution due to external, simultaneous loads. With increasing static load a decrease of the time delay between the resulting current and applied electric field is observed. This experimental technique generates new insights for material sciences. DKT/IRC 2015