Cold Jet will be presenting a new standard for tire mould cleaning; the Cold Jet Tire edition with new ‘Dry Ice MicroParticles’ technology. The company develops enhanced cleaning solutions based on customers’ manufacturing requirements. Without the restrictions of Dry Ice media (Block, Pellets, Nuggets), Cold Jet’s patented Dry Ice Micro-Particle-technology in combination with its Sure-Flow-technology ensures more ice particles to enter the air stream and strike the surface per second than traditional cleaning methods, providing a better and more precise cleaning. The company say not only does this process create a faster clean, but it is quieter too, as the micro particles produce less noise then pellets. These particles are also able to reach areas which pellets and conventional methods cannot, for a more flexible clean. As less power and kinetic energy are needed to accelerate micro particles, the process significantly reduced dry ice and compressed air consumption, for a more economical clean. The company ensures the solutions are easy to use, safe for operation, and are environmentally responsible, with automated or manual cleaning solutions which can be easily implemented in the running process.

Tire Technology Expo 2016: Booth 3063