It also improves dispersion of difficult polymer mixtures and reduces the viscosity of the compound while generally leaving the positive dynamic properties of the vulcanizate unaffected or increasing these even further in some cases. Advanced high-performance tires are required to have low rolling resistance and excellent wet traction combined with high abrasion resistance. This can be achieved only by using highly active fillers such as carbon black and especially precipitated silicas. Particularly when it comes to mixtures with high filler concentrations, multi-stage mixing processes is required in order to achieve a good dispersion. As a dispersion aid, the additive can significantly shorten mixing cycles and at the same time optimize batch consistency in production. As a result the number of mixing steps in the process can be reduced and the process more efficiently designed. High hardness, abrasion resistance, and low compression set are the important requirements on compounds for rim strips. Vestenamer improves the processability of the rubber compound by reducing the viscosity at the mixing temperature and so preventing „bagging“ at the rolling mill. Thanks to its crystallinity and high recrystallization rate below the melting range, the additive results in dimensional stability in extrusion processes. By reducing internal friction, it can significantly reduce the reversion of natural rubber. When mixing incompatible elastomers – due to differing polarities – he process additive can improve compatibility.

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