Das kautschukmodifizierte und faserverstärkte Polyamid zeichnet sich durch eine herausragende Charpy-Kerbschlagzähigkeit bei Kälte aus.
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The abbreviation XCP stands for Extreme Crash Performance and therefore also for the material’s high toughness. The material fulfills the specifications of various car makers for the low-temperature impact resistance of plastics in exposed engine oil pans. At -30 °C, the Charpy notch impact resistance is 18 kJ/m2 (ISO 179-1eA). Another advantage of this material is its good flow properties and high heat resistance. The heat distortion temperature to ISO 75-1,-2 (HDT A, 1.8 MPa) of 203 °C is nearly as high as that of Durethan BKV 35 H2.0.

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