Für eine sinnvolle Umsetzung von Industrie 4.0 sind Kunststoffverarbeiter und Anlagenbauer digital vernetzt, von den Rohstoffen, über die Anlagen  bis zu den Produkten.
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Source: Azo

Machine manufacturers are focusing on Industry 4.0. It could mean anything, or nothing. It gains substance when we consider our course of action and objectives. The Azo Group has developed its own approach, the 4P model, and is aligning all its I4.0 activities with this. Following on from the steam engine, the assembly line and electronics, the fourth industrial revolution is expected to bring sweeping changes. Smart factories and digitalisation promise great things for every imaginable sector. Through their actions, and especially through their announcements in the media, automotive and electronics firms often give the impression that Industry 4.0 is purely for large businesses. However, the German economy is built on medium-sized companies, which are particularly prevalent in machine manufacture, and such companies are also eagerly discussing their approach to Industry 4.0. While many of them are still sceptical of the opportunities offered by digitalisation or are simply unable to identify sufficient immediate benefits for themselves and their customers, the company is pressing forward. The Group has long ago embedded profound IT and automation expertise in-house with Azo Controls. Such integrated solutions are a necessary prerequisite for turning the fourth revolution from fiction into vision and ultimately into reality. However, it is essential that the right steps are carried out at the right time and in a considered manner. To aid and guide its progress, the expert in dosing-technology is making use of the methods and toolkits provided by the VDMA to its members in its Industry 4.0 guidelines for medium-sized enterprises. Of course, owing to the diversity of the medium-sized companies belonging to the VDMA, such guidelines can only be very general in nature.