How articles made of elastomer can be produced without waste and rework will be showcased on a D 969.100 Z machine. A Zero Waste ITM pot was enhanced with eight temperature-controlled nozzles for runner-free direct injection. The integrated internal mould pressure sensor for switching off the transfer process ensures a constant article volume. A swivelling screw cylinder enables fast compound and mould changes within 10 minutes.
For paste silicone, the company has developed the Cartridge Stuffer Device. This patent-pending silicone cartridge stuffer is the optimum solution for changing compounds in minutes, especially for small-batch series or low stuffing volumes.
In addition, a new cold runner system makes life easier for elastomer moulders: The Rapid Clean CRB is easy and rapid to clean without having to be removed from the machine.
With the Smart Connect 4.U product portfolio, Desma has been showing for years how intelligent networking can make production processes more flexible, efficient and resource-saving. The systems ensure higher plant and machine uptimes, transparent and better product quality as well as unit cost-oriented production efficiency. The benefits will also be shown live on this machine – easy and intuitive to understand and operate with the SmartConnect 4.U Cockpit.

Faster and higher quality production with robots

In conjunction with the Partner Flex Cell, Desma offers its customers an automation solution with a collaborative 6-axis robot for a fully automatic production process. Man and machine work together directly. The operator preloads the inserts during the cure time for several cycles. The result is tremendous time savings with a constant cycle sequence and highest article quality. If the operator enters the safety area, the injection moulding machine and the robot will interrupt all movements. As soon as the operator returns to a safe distance, they both continue their work independently. This does not require any release or acknowledgement at the machine control.
The effort needed to upgrade the injection moulding machine to a fully automatic production cell is amazingly low. The flexible robot cell FlexCell incl. additional components can be docked and used on various injection moulding machines.
The mechanical engineering company thus offer on the one hand the possibility of operating several machines by one person, and on the other hand that article demoulding and subsequent handling can be continued in the external station while a new article is being vulcanized in the clamping unit.

New options with the E-Drive cold runner system

Desma has installed the new Flow Control E-Drive cold runner system with electrically triggered shut-off nozzles in a vertical Benchmark D 968.250 ZOB. The filling process of each nozzle can be triggered and balanced individually right at the machine control unit or via the internal mould pressure sensor PressureSense. Since an electric connection is used instead of a hydraulic one, a much faster machine adaptation is feasible. Material distribution is realized by means of removable ledges and can be carried out with or without deflection plugs. Complete cleaning and material changes can be done quickly and easily.
This machine is also fitted with the SmartConnect 4.U Cockpit and creates new dimensions of communication between machine manufacturer and user. With online support and the online shop for spares via electronic machine files, automatic monitoring of the machine condition and an intelligent maintenance tool, enormous optimization potential can be exploited.

From a distance

The latest DRC 2030 TBM visualization will be presented on both fully networked machines. This is the first-time showing of a trend-based machine and process visualization providing the fastest overview of the current machine condition. It is already clear from a distance whether the machine runs smoothly, processes remain within the parameters defined, or whether there is need for correction. The 24“-multi-touch panel further provides a platform for the Smart Connect 4.U functionality.

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Christian Biener

Head of New Digital Services,
Klöckner Desma Elastomertechnik