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Asphalt eingesetzt.
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Source: Evonik Ressource Efificiency

Vehicle tires of course belong on the road, but for the last two decades, they have also increasingly found their way into the road. That is made possible by recycled scrap tires and Vestenamer, a process aid manufactured by Evonik Industries for the rubber and construction sector.
The company is pursuing a sustainable and cost-effective approach to road construction. The specialty chemical company‘s process additive for the rubber industry, makes it feasible to process rubber powder from scrap tires to generate asphalt with rubber content. The recycled material is mixed into road construction bitumen or asphalt to improve the quality of the mixtures and to extend the service life of road surfaces.
As part of a test track in the German town of Paderborn, the local road Detmolder Strasse was resurfaced in 2012 in compliance with the objectives of the EU Waste Directive. 50% of the new asphalt mixture consisted of milled material–asphalt granulate–from the old road. The new mixture formulation also included rubber powder and Vestenamer. For every 100 m of track, some 80 scrap tires were turned into an elastomer-modified road surface, along with recycling the old asphalt.