Das Lufteinlassventil wird in einem Spritzgießschritt aus Polyamid und Flüssigsilikon produziert.

The air inlet valve is produced from polyamide and liquid silicone in one injection molding step. Source SEI WOO

The massage function in the car seat ensures relaxation on long car journeys. This comfort feature is made possible by air chambers in the backrest and seat pad which are filled and vented via SMA valves in quick succession. The tiny inlet valves with integrated silicone sealings are produced by SEI WOO Hi-Tech Polymer in Holzhausen, Austria, on Engel injection moulding machines. Tricky development projects have propelled the silicone processor into the top league of micro injection moulding. The complex multi-component parts are just four millimetres wide and three millimetres high. The silicone seal, which accounts for a shot weight of 0.02 grams, is located at the top end of the thermoplastic valve housing. This includes a fine memory metal wire which is decisive for the function. SMA means Shape Memory Alloy. SEI WOO is one of the first users of the new LSR micro-injection unit that Engel will be presenting in the autumn of 2020. Precision components for ophthalmology with a parts weight of 0.0013 grams will be produced for the market launch.

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