Liquid Rubber kann die 
Performance von Reifen steigern.
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Liquid Rubber can Increase tire performance.
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The specialty chemicals group Evonik Industries is setting a new trend with the use of silane-functionalized polybuta-
dienes as specialty additives for rubber production. The innovative technology, based on Polyvest ST, allows even lower rolling resistance and abrasion, which has a positive effect on energy consumption and CO2 emissions. However, liquid raw materials place higher demands on their handling. A dosing system that guarantees the exact dosage of the liquid raw materials and ensures consistent properties of the compound is crucial for product quality. The fully automatic, sealed liquid dosing system from Zeppelin Systems is the ideal solution, as extensive tests have shown on the basis of the additive dosing and injection behavior.

About the authors

Guido Veit

Vice President Projects,
Zeppelin Systems, Friedrichshafen

Dr. Kai-Steffen Krannig

Technical Marketing
Evonik Industries, Essen