Für die Covid-19-Impfstoffe werden viele Vials benötigt, die mit einem Stopfen aus Kautschuk verschlossen werden.
Bild: syhin_stas/Stock. Adobe.com

Covid-19 vaccines require many vials, which are sealed with a rubber stopper.
Bild: syhin_stas/Stock. Adobe.com

As there are few equal competitors in the segment, the closures for the Covid 19 vaccine are mainly produced on equipment from the world market leader from Landau in Germany. The production of sterile closures for vaccine vials is demanding. As potential particle load carriers, they must meet strict specifications and require approval from the health authorities. The customized presses from Landau meet the high quality requirements for dimensional accuracy, leak tightness, resilience and resistance to extreme temperatures and material aging. They are manufactured in a clean room and in the press under vacuum, maintaining the tightest temperature tolerances and highest precision specifications. Comprehensive process monitoring enables close-meshed quality verification and traceability.

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