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DKT 2018 – ein umfangreiches Programm lockt

Netzwerken in Nürnberg

Schon in wenigen Wochen wird Nürnberg wieder zum Treffpunkt der Kautschukindustrie. Die DKT wird vom 2. bis 5. Juli den rund 280 Unternehmen eine Plattform zur Präsentation bieten, zu der mehr als 3000 Besucher erwartet werden. Über 130 Vortragende füllen ein interessantes und umfangreiches Programm der Konferenz. more...

May 8. 2018 - Tires in

Im Futurelab des Unternehmens wird der Arbeitsplatz der Zukunft kontinuierlich weiter entwickelt. Bilder: alle Desma

Desma Open House 2017

Desma open House 2017 – Let’s talk future

Der Sondermaschinenbauer lud im September zum Open-House 2017 ein und setzte im Programm auf Zukunftsthemen. Nicht nur die Referenten gaben Impulse für die Technik von Morgen, sondern auch in der Maschinenpräsentation spielten Automatisierung, Vernetzung und moderne Arbeitsplatzgestaltung eine besonders große Rolle. Das Unternehmen macht sich auf den Weg zum Lösungsanbieter für Produktions- und Serviceleistungen und Partner für integrierte Produktions- und Geschäftsprozesse. more...

December 12. 2017 - Tires in


Energieübertragung zur kontinuierlichen Vulkanistation

Analysis of the Efficiency of continuous Vulcanisation Processes

As shown in lab-scale investigations on continuous vulcanisation processes show, that various forms of vulcanisation energy transfer have very different energy demands and deliver material-specific different vulcanisation results and properties. In order to enhance basic knowledge on influential factors on continuous vulcanisation processes, a research is conducted on material-specific ideal vulcanising strategies using a specially […] more...

April 10. 2017 - Research news

Fraunhofer LBF_

High-Throughput Small Angle Light Scattering for Rapid Determination of Phase Behavior of Multicomponent Systems

Phase Behavior of Mixtures

To develop materials based on multicomponent systems, such as polymeric mixtures, the dependency of phase behavior as function of temperature has often to be known. The determination of such phase diagrams is time consuming since large numbers of mixtures of different composition have to be prepared. more...

February 9. 2017 - Tires in


Countries on the Danube: 4th Rubber Symposium in October

The Hungarian Chemical Society and MAGUSZ Hungarian Rubber Association invite to participate at the 4th Rubber Symposium of the Countries on the Danube to be held in Hungary, at Szeged, 24-26 October 2016. The organizers also call for papers. more...

January 27. 2016 - News


Avon Rubber awarded the Prince Philip Award by IOM3

British rubber processor Avon Rubber in Wiltshire was presented with the Price Philip Award by the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3), U.K., on the 10th November 2015 at the new IOM3 Euston Road premises in London. more...

December 17. 2015 - News

The 12th Fall Rubber Colloquium (KHK) organized by the German Institute of Rubber Technology takes place from 22th to 24th of November 2016 in Hanover (Germany). Picture is taken from the last KHK 2014 (Source: KGK)

News / KHK 2016

German Fall Rubber Colloquium: Invitation and Call for Papers

The 12th Fall Rubber Colloquium organized by the German Institute of Rubber Technology (Deutsches Institut für Kautschuktechnologie, DIK) takes place from 22th to 24th of November 2016 in Hanover (Germany). Delegates are encouraged to register both from outside and within Germany. more...

December 7. 2015 - News

"I feel very honored and flattered to receive the Dreyfus Prize for making molecules and materials“, said Krzysztof Matyjaszewski, the winner oft the 2015 Dreyfus Prize in the Chemical Sciences. He developed the process of atom transfer radical polymerization (Source: Carnegie Mellon University)


Krzysztof Matyjaszewski awarded 2015 Dreyfus Prize

Krzysztof Matyjaszewski, the J. C. Warner University Professor of Natural Sciences at Carnegie Mellon University, has won the 2015 Dreyfus Prize in the Chemical Sciences, conferred this year in Making Molecules and Materials. Matyjaszewski developed the process of atom transfer radical polymerization (ATRP). more...

November 17. 2015 - News

The 19th edition of The Synthetic Rubber Manual has been published by IISRP. (Source: IISRP)


IISRP published new edition of The Synthetic Rubber Manual

The International Institute of Synthetic Rubber Producers (IISRP) in Houston, USA, has published the 19th edition of The Synthetic Rubber Manual, the leading source for synthetic rubber product grade information. more...

October 28. 2015 - News

After the cut ot the chemically modified bromobutyl rubber the two ends are put together and heal by itself at room temperature, as testing shows in a video from ACS Headline Science on youtube. (Source: ACS Chemistry for Life)


Ionic modification turns commercial rubber into a self-healing material

Scientists von Germany and Finland described a simple approach to convert commercially available and widely used bromobutyl rubber (BIIR) into a highly elastic material with extraordinary self-healing properties without using conventional cross-linking or vulcanising agents. more...

October 2. 2015 - News


ARBC concerned about protracted low rubber prices

The Asean Rubber Business Council (ARBC), which is accounting for around 76.2% of the world's total natural rubber production, is very concerned over the current protracted low rubber prices. Published by the International Rubber Council Ltd. (IRCo) a few days ago, ARBC discussed this topic at length on it’s meeting in Bali on 29 August 2015. more...

September 21. 2015 - News

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EU tyre market shows slight upward trend in first semester

European Tyre & Rubber Manufacturers' Association (ETRMA) in Brussels reports, the positive demand for new passenger cars in the EU (+14.6 per cent) has had a positive impact on tyre sales: OE demand on in consumer tyres segment raised in June 12%, truck tyres segment 21% compared to June last year.News more...

July 22. 2015 - News

Statements on DKT 2015 / IRC 2015

What are your expectations regarding the technical impetus at the IRC 2015 and which topic will dominate the next 20 years?

Statements from: Thomas Siegel, Application Technology Consulting, Arburg, Lossburg and from Håkan Angerbjörn, Industry Sector Manager Rubber Processing, Bosch Rexroth, Lohr am Main more...

June 23. 2015 - News

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Interview with Boris Engelhardt, Managing Director of the German Rubber Society

Very Welcome to DKT / IRC 2015 in Nuremberg!

DKT / IRC 2015 is opening the doors. The Managing Director of the organizing association DKG gives a preview of the main topcis and what visitors could expect in Nuremberg - The greater the choice, the more the effort! more...

June 17. 2015 - Tires in

Statements on DKT/IRC 2015

How do you see the economic potential of the rubber industry in the international competition? Will DKT / IRC 2015 set decisive impulses at the economic side?

Statements from: Philipp H. Junge, Head of Business Line Rubber Additives Business, Lanxess Rhein Chemie Additives Business; Herman Dikland, Head of Business Line NBR / HNBR, Lanxess High Performance Elastomers business unit and Giorgio Cabrini, Commercial Director and Board Member, Mesgo more...

June 16. 2015 - News

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