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Injection mould cleaning (Reference: Cold Jet)


K 2016: Sustainable dry ice cleaning solutions for the plastic and rubber industry

Cold Jet, Weinsheim, presents at the tradeshow its Plastics Edition. It is a comprehensive line of accessories that will come packaged with the Aero Series dry ice cleaning systems to provide the best cleaning solution for the plastics industry. The Edition is available in either pellet blasting systems or in the shaved ice technology. The shaved ice technology features the patented microparticle technology of the company. more...

October 11. 2016 - Product Review

Digital ultrasonic generator (Reference: Rinco)

ultrasonic generator

K 2016: Ultrasonic welding for complex applications

The digital AGM Pro ultrasonic generator from Rinco, Romanshorn, Switzerland, is the further developed version of the AGM generator and is designed for integration into special machines and production lines. The completely newly designed generator can be completely controlled by the unit's own PLC. more...

October 4. 2016 - Product Review

Durch das Strainern der  Mischung lassen sich  Fehlstellen vermeiden.

Strainer-Technology to increase Quality and Capacity

Strainer-Technology to increase Quality and Capacity

The roll-ex strainer cell, supplied by Uth, Fulda, Germany, is an integrated, highly automated system for straining compounds independently of existing mixing lines. It consists of a gear extruder with screw feeder and strainer head, a strip cooler and a packing/stacking unit. more...

September 21. 2015 - Tires in

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DKT & IRC 2015 / Deflashing

Quick and cost-effective method of deflashing

New at DKT will be the Barwell Spin Trim Rubber Deflashing Machine, a quick and cost-effective method of deflashing rubber parts. more...

June 22. 2015 - Product Review

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Quality Assurance / Optical measuring

Geometric inspections of tires in the final finishing and wheel assembly

The increasing requirements for modern tires like service life charac-teristics, reduction of weight as well as noise and simultaneously the minimization of production costs are generating a rise of innovative compositions, of complexity regarding the tire components and of the demands of quality assurance. more...

April 16. 2015 - Tires in

Plast 2015 / Rubber 2015

Meeting Point: Milan in May

After the great results of last edition, Rubber 2015, the satellite trade show dedicated to rubber within Plast 2015, returns at Fiera Milano, in Rho-Pero quarter, from 5 to 9 of May 2015. All important players of the rubber industy will present their innovative technologies and products. More than 50,000 visitors are expected. more...

April 16. 2015 - Tires in

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Volumetric Dosing

Dosing of two-component silicones

One very interesting product development involves two-component silicones in which the material hardness („Shore hardness“) in vulcanised form can be varied by regulating the mixing ratio. Uses of these silicones include applications in medical technology. more...

October 2. 2013 - Tires in

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elastomer feed roller

Heat-resistant Elastomer Feed Roller

Automatik Plastic Machinery has developed a new elastomer feed roller specially designed to meet high demands in terms of abrasion and thermal loading. more...

October 2. 2013 - Tires in

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Rubber Mixing Lines

Gains in energy efficiency by modernisation of mixing lines

The mixing of rubber compounds is quite energy-intensive. In abolute terms a zypical mixing line for technical rubber goods with 2 tons/hour throughput consumes about 4,5 Mio Kwh with costs of about 630.000 €. These costs are based on the consideration of DC drives, which – looking at the installed base – are standard in todays rubber industry. more...

May 2. 2013 - Tires in

Zentrale Materialversorgung sorgt für Sicherheit und angenehmes Arbeitsklima

Einmal Keller und zurück

Ausströmer für Skoda, Ablagefächer für Ford, Mittelkonsolen für Volvo oder Armlehnen für Peugeot: Mehrmals am Tag werden die Maschinen beim Automobilzulieferer Olho-Technik in Tschechien umgerüstet. Bei Stückzahlen zwischen 1 000 und 2 000 pro Tag sind die Spritzgießmaschinen und Montageplätze konstant ausgelastet. Und dennoch ist es in der großen Produktionshalle auffallend sauber und leise. Grund hierfür: Alle Versorgungsleitungen, inklusive der ansonsten den Geräuschpegel nach oben treibenden Rohrleitungen für die Granulate, verlaufen ein Stockwerk tiefer, im Keller. more...

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