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Fig.1: Approach for experimental optimisation of heating strategies using the HeatStraD (Heat Strategy Developer).

Energy efficiency is one of the central challenges for European energy policy

Optimisation approaches in continuous Vulcanisation to increase Energy Efficiency

The continuous vulcanisation is one of the most energy intensive processes in rubber processing. more...

June 15. 2021 - Research news

Mit dem Smart  Connect 4.U hat der Fridinger Elastomerspezialist ein Produktpaket an Systemen zur Steuerung und Überwachung der Produktionsabläufe im Programm. Bildquelle Desma

Advantages of automated Elastomer Processings

Advantages of automated Elastomer Processings

At the annual highlight of the elastomer industry, Desma will demonstrate the performance of its technology by showcasing two machines from the S3 machine series. The smooth interaction of injection unit, peripheral equipment, robots and human is in the company’s focus at this trade fair. The company of Fridingen equips two machines from the S3 series with a whole range of newly developed technologies and makes them tangible in Nuremberg. more...

June 11. 2018 - Tires in


Automatisierung im Labor

Technology for the smart labs of the future

Moderne Labore gleichen in ihren Strukturen heute oftmals noch einer klassischen Manufaktur. Geräte und Prozesse sind nicht vernetzt, und die kostbare Probe wird meist händisch von den Mitarbeitern prozessiert. Lange Zeit reichte dieser Aufbau aus, um die Innovationskraft der Labore auszuschöpfen. Heutzutage generieren sie jedoch vielfach größere Datenmengen, denen das bekannte Vorbild nicht mehr gewachsen ist. more...

May 25. 2017 - Tires in

Conti Conveyer Patrick Raffler Messger‰t

Predictive maintenance with Industry 4.0

Increasing Digitalization in the Industrial Sector as a Growth Opportunity

International technology company and industry partner Contitech is experiencing considerable growth potential thanks to increasing connectivity in the industrial sector. more...

March 29. 2017 - Tires in

The new injection moulding machine is equipped with an injection unit designed to handle paste silicone and is furnished with the necessary mould handling equipment to produce a range of insulators (Source: TRP Sealing Systems)


UK silicone moulder TRP adds Desma machine to production line

TRP Sealing Systems Ltd., Hereford, has recently taken delivery of a new 400 ton Desma injection moulding machine for the production of high voltage silicone insulators more...

December 3. 2015 - News

Multistationsmaschine mit robotergestützter Entnahmeeinheit.

Automated Production of Pharmaceutical Rubber-Stoppers

Pharma Challenge

The challenge consited in providing a turnkey solution for the production pf pharmaceutical stoppers in injection molding machines in a controlled atmosphere. The goal of the fully automated solution with integrated robot for the stripping of the parts was to produce 240 million stoppers of a diameter of 13 mm per year. The injection-compression molding solution by REP consists in producing the stoppers on two fully automated CMS-type machines equiped with eight molds of 413 cavities. The solution enables the user to produce 41,880 parts/hour with a machine cycle of 71 sec. The automated system reduces waste and costs. more...

October 13. 2015 - Tires in

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Quality Assurance / Optical measuring

Geometric inspections of tires in the final finishing and wheel assembly

The increasing requirements for modern tires like service life charac-teristics, reduction of weight as well as noise and simultaneously the minimization of production costs are generating a rise of innovative compositions, of complexity regarding the tire components and of the demands of quality assurance. more...

April 16. 2015 - Tires in

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Production of elastomeric parts

Efficiency through Creativity

The economical success of a rubber parts production does not necessarily depend on the extensive use of robot automation. This is demonstrated by the Slovenian rubber components supplier Siliko. more...

July 23. 2014 - Tires in

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Automated molding, or gluing, of shoe soles

The Robot as master craftsman in shoemaking

Klöckner Desma Schuhmaschinen, the leading international manufacturer of automated footware fabrication machines, is located in Achim, Germany, near Bremen. Using predominantly rubber - or plastic- based materials, the company has developed a specialized process for the molding, or gluing, of soles directly to the shoe shaft. more...

May 21. 2014 - Tires in

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Automatical Control of the Mixing Process

Efficiency through Intelligence

The Mixcont technology utilizes mixing devices Mixer (+Mills) as a kind of soft Dynamic Analyzer during the time when the batch is being mixed. The properties of the compound such as Dispersion/Distribution/Viscosity (DDV) are estimated in real time by means of processing of signals like torque, rotor speed, temperatures, pressure, ram position and other from mixer and/or mills. more...

January 7. 2014 - Tires in