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Fully automated Rubber Rheometers

Alpha Technologies will be showcasing Premier TM its latest rubber rheometer product line-up to ensure reliable rubber testing. The range includes, Premier TM HC, a fully automated high capacity module, Premier TM MDR, specifically designed for the tire industry and Premier TM MV, a variable speed Mooney with rotor presence detection, a multi-zone stress relaxation data analysis and 45% reduction in die cooling time. more...

February 8. 2017 - Product Review

The systems have been designed taking account of industrial expectations in terms of accuracy, performance, productivity and ergonomics. Picture: Metravib


Automated Tests of Compression, Tension and Shear

Metravib presents Xpander. Used in association with a Metravib DMA instrument, the system enables DMA test campaigns on a large number of specimens to be entirely automated. more...

February 6. 2017 - Product Review


Development of a Plastic Latex Dipping Form

Influence of Surface Roughness on Film Formation and Film Properties of Polypropylene Dipping Former

The present research aims to develop a plastic latex dipping former based on talcum-filled polypropylene. The surface roughness on the plastic former is found to play important role on wettability: the greater surface roughness gives the poorer wettability of water but greater wettability of coagulant and pre-vulcanised latex on the former surfaces. In view of […] more...

December 2. 2016 - Research news

Wirkprinzip  des eingesetzten Messsystems (Draufsicht). Prüfspitze mit Kraftsensor (Fx, Fy) bewegt sich auf Linearführung (Sy) und belastet den rotierenden Prüfkörper (ω) schlagartig.  Bildquelle: Leibniz-Institut für Polymer­forschung Dresden e.V.

Impact loading of Carbon Black filled SBR Compounds

Wear of technical Rubber Materials under cyclic impact loading Conditions

The aim of this study is focused on the experimental investigations of wear behavior caused by cyclic impact loading of carbon black filled rubber compounds comprising pristine styrene butadiene rubber (SBR) together with incorporated SBR ground rubber (rubber powder). more...

November 28. 2016 - Research news

Portable High-Performance Rheometer

Portable High-Performance Rheometer Measures Fluids at High Pressures

QA/QC laboratories that analyze rheological properties of fluids at high pressures can now increase efficiency and reduce user error with an intelligent rheometer that adapts to specific measurement routines and conditions. more...

October 27. 2016 - Product Review

Die Rechner-Box leistet  eine hohe Datensicherheit durch den verschlüsselten VPN-Tunnel. Bild: Desma

Digitale Serviceleistungen für Gummi-Spritzgieß-Anlagen

Digital services for rubber injection moulding systems

Often, the efficiency of a machine by itself is not the decisive factor in an overall system effectiveness analysis. more...

September 12. 2016 - Tires in


Analyzing of Mixing Quality

New Aspects on the Evaluation of Mixing Quality by Analyzing the Substantial Homogeneity of Rubber Compounds using Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS)

The aim of this study is a comprehensive review of the mixing homogeneity of a batch obtained by using a discontinuous internal mixer mixing process. The evaluation of mixing quality is done, firstly, by practice-tested analysis of filler dispersion by means of reflectedlight microscopy. In addition, verification is provided for the suitability of the Laser […] more...

September 5. 2016 - Research news

Richard Sýkora_

Thermo-oxidative Ageing of ma- gnetic Composites based on NBR

Thermo-oxidative Ageing of magnetic Composites based on NBR

Rubber magnetic composites were prepared by incorporation of magnetically soft manganese-zinc ferrite H40 and metallic ferrosilicon powder FeSi into rubber matrix based on NBR. The aim was to investigate the influence of ferrite content on physical-mechanical properties and electromagnetic smog shielding efficiency of prepared rubber composites before and after thermo-oxidative ageing performed in air atmosphere. […] more...

August 2. 2016 - Research news

Meng-Jiao Wang_Unbenannt


Effect of Crosslink Type on the Time-Dependent Tearing – Part I. Carbon Black Filled SBR Vulcanizates

The tear state and tear energy have been investigated in a series of carbon black-filled SBR vulcanizates having the same crosslink densities but different types of crosslink structures. It was found that there are two types of tear behaviours associated with SBR rubber, i. e., stable and unstable tearing which are controlled by the viscoelastic […] more...

February 3. 2016 - Research news


Sliding Wear of Composites

Sliding Wear and mechanical Properties of Alumina/Glass Fabric/Epoxy Composites

In this study, laminates of neat glass fabric/epoxy composite (GEC) and three levels of Al2O3 filled glass fabric/epoxy composites, designated as 3AGEC, 6AGEC and 9AGEC (micro particulates of Al2O3 - by 3, 6 and 9 wt. % of resin respectively) were prepared using hand lay-up method. more...

September 16. 2015 - Research news


Comparison of fibre-matrix adhesion of elastomer-PPS-composites under quasi static and static-dynamic load in the tension mode as function of temperature

During the investigations, the adhesion of PPS fiber elastomer composites under quasi-static (T-Test) and static/dynamic loading (Eplexor) was determined in tensile mode at different temperatures. Therefore, PPS fibers with different sizings and various 2-step wet-chemical coatings were used. more...

September 16. 2015 - Research news


Study on Graft-Copolymerization of Sodium Lignosulfonates with Acrylic Monomers

Lignin (and/or lignosulphonate) is the second most abundant renewable organic material on earth, immediately after cellulose, in wood, straw and other plant tissues, represent the main component of cell wall, represents a vastly underutilized natural polymer, it is produced as a by-product in pulp mills in large quantities and poses huge disposal problem. more...

September 16. 2015 - Research news

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Material Testing

Simultaneous dielectric and dynamic mechanic analyses performed on Elastomers

DMA explores the dynamic mechanic material properties by applying forced sinusoidal mechanical deformations or forces. A static load is applied to a flat rubber cylinder, superimposed by mechanical oscillations. The sample’s response to the load is measured. This response is delayed in time. more...

June 8. 2015 - Product Review


Free-Volume Changes in EVA Composites Studied by Positron Annihilation Lifetime Technique

The influence of different concentrations (0 - 60 wt %) of carbon black (HAF) filler on macrostructure and microstructure of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) composites was studied through electrical, mechanical measurements and positron annihilation lifetime (PAL) spectroscopy. The electrical conductivity measurements showed an abrupt increase when the concentration of HAF reaches 30 wt%. more...

April 16. 2015 - Research news


Preparation, Microstructure and electrical Conductivity of high Aspect Ratio Carbon Nanotubes reinforced Natural Rubber Nanocomposites

A new method of preparing carbon nanotube/Natural rubber (CNT/NR) composites with high-aspect ratio carbon nanotubes was developed. Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) images revealed that the high-aspect ratio CNT was dispersed very well in the NR matrix. more...

March 13. 2015 - Research news