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Fig. 1: An experimental testing machine for uniaxial stressing of elastomer samples.

Education in Elastomer-Physics

Experimental testing Machine for Elastomers for Educational Purposes and Didactics

This article describes the design, construction and operation of an experi­mental testing machine as part of student works, and deals with the sequence and results of a series of elastomer samples. more...

December 10. 2019 - Research news

Fig. 1: Experimental setup of high-pressure capillary rheometer test.


Navier’s slip Coefficient Determination of Silicone Rubber Compound by means of High- Pressure Capillary Rheometer

The unique properties of silicone rubber, such as high heat and chemical resistance are the main reasons for its growing importance in the industry [1]. more...

December 10. 2019 - Research news

Abb. 1: Chip & Cut Verschleiß bei LKW Reifen.[1]

Testmethods crack growth

Improvement of laboratory predictions regarding crack propagation and wear of truck tire treads

In this paper improved concepts regarding the prediction of dynamic crack growth in truck tire tread compounds under praxis conditions are presented and optimized with respect to the special application „chip & cut wear“ appearing under high severity conditions. more...

October 9. 2019 - Research news

Fig. 1: Uncovered load bearing elements of bias truck tire.

The influence of neglecting cord shrinkage and cord characteristic linearization on simulation results

Burst Test Simulation for bias Truck Tire

A model of a pneumatic bias tire based on the technique of overlaying the orthotropic reinforcing elements on isotropic rubber elements is presented. more...

September 13. 2019 - Research news

Fig. 3: Comparison  between the times of maximum intensity for the compositions of GEB NR and Latex NR.

The influence of the used methods of processing for incorporating mica as filler into the NR

Determination of Aging behavior of natural Rubber Nanocomposites reinforced with Mica prepared by Latex or Melt mixing Technology

The aim was to research the aging behavior of natural rubber compositions (NR) with synthetic mica by chemiluminescence (CL), in comparison with the traditional test of accelerated aging in forced air circulation with respect to the stress strain properties. more...

September 12. 2019 - Research news

Fig. 5: Determination of the crosslink density by the Mooney-Rivlin approach.

The crosslink density of rubber compounds influences the in-rubber properties of the final product to a great extent

Determination of the Crosslink Density of Tire Tread Compounds by Different Analytical Methods

The crosslink density of rubber compounds influences the in-rubber properties of the final product to a great extent. more...

September 10. 2019 - Research news

Fig.6: SEM images of UV irradiated PET films with different wavelengths (0, 254 and 365nm). [Magnification x 12000].

The effect of ultraviolet (UV) radiation on the surface

Ultraviolet Surface Modification of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) for Reducing Thrombogenicity

The effect of ultraviolet (UV) radiation on the surface, dielectric and structural properties of polyethylene terephthala­te (PET) was investigated. more...

August 2. 2019 - Research news

Fig. 1: Raman spectra of alkanes, the enlargement of the C H stretching vibrations, and a further signal in the area of symmetrical vibrations of CH2. Raman spectra are compared with the IR spectra of n-hexane (right hand).

A spectroscopic Method for predicting Viscosity

Correlation between molecular and spectroscopic Properties of Polymers

The Mooney viscosity (MV) of rubbers is known to be an important processing parameter in the rubber industry. more...

August 2. 2019 - Research news

Fig. 1: Principle of Contifeed

A complete Description of Flow under Process like Conditions

A Capillary Rheometer with continuous Feeding

A new approach (Contifeed) for the determination of rheological behavior is presented. Contifeed combines a small lab extruder with a single or dual barrel capillary rheometer. more...

August 1. 2019 - Research news

Fig. 2: Crosslink densities as a function of the amount of devulcanization aid (DPDS).


Effects of Devulcanization Aid on mechanical and thermal Properties of devulcanized Rubber/Virgin Natural Rubber Blends

Thermo-chemical devulcanization of used truck tires was conducted using various amounts of diphenyl disulfide (DPDS) as a devulcanization aid. more...

May 15. 2019 - Research news


Monitoring Damage Development by Dynamic-Mechanical and Dielectric Analyzer

Static Seals provide information about their own wear

Static sealing elements undergo continuous changes in operating and environmental conditions. They are subject to natural, thermo-oxidative or mechanical aging processes and must be replaced after a certain time. The condition for cost efficiency is that a sealing gasket should be used over its entire service life without having to invest in complex and expensive monitoring systems. The simplest and smartest monitoring system is usually already present: the reinforcing filler, which can be electrically conductive. more...

April 23. 2019 - Tires in

Fig.1: Effect of concentration of antioxidant reagent on the weight change of EP11 at 130°C.

Aging of EPM

Simple Method for the Evaluation of Temperature Dependence of thermal Aging of Ethylene- Propylene Elastomer

The article studied activation energy obtained by the weight change of the sample at constant temperature and by thermogravimetric analysis (TGA). more...

April 12. 2019 - Research news

Fig. 1: Illustration of compression set tests described in ISO 815-1.

Compression Set

Rubber Sealing Performance Analysis – Comparison of Testing Techniques

Change in compression set of an elastomeric product with respect to time shows long-term sealing behavior of the material and indicates the quality of the product. more...

March 20. 2019 - Research news

Fig. 1: Summation of slip volume flow and pressure volume flow.


Wall-slip effects and their dependence on the recipe- and molecular-weight-induced compound viscosity

Employing a high-pressure capillary viscometer, this study investigates the flow behavior of rubber compounds as a function of compound viscosity. more...

March 12. 2019 - Research news

Fig. 7: The improved method of material  parameter identification.

Fatigue Test

Improved Material Parameter Identification for End-of-Life Predictions under mechanical Fatigue

A new procedure for the material parameter identification is proposed. more...

February 19. 2019 - Research news