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Figure (3) Two-body abrasion, reciprocating sliding apparatus (1) Base plate (2) Plate (3) Linear bearing (4) Table (5) Emery paper (6) Test sample (7) Sample jig (8) Load cell (9) Normal load.

Crosslinking by light and silica nanoparticles

Development in the Surface Properties of the Hybrid Composite Resin by Light-Curing Process and Silicon Dioxide Nanoparticles

The purpose of this paper is to identify the surface properties of the hybrid composite resin as function of curing times, curing modes and fractions of SiO2 NPs. more...

June 24. 2021 - Research news


Mechanical-thermal behavior of rubber during the process

Simulation of a Heat-Buildup Process on Rubber Components

This article describes the simulation setup and the development of a simulation method for modeling the self-heating of cyclic-loaded rubber components within the well-known ABAQUS FE environment. more...

June 22. 2021 - Research news


Systematic process investigations on a rubber extruder

Optimization Approaches in Rubber Extrusion for Energy and CO² Savings

Systematic process investigations on a rubber extruder (40 mm, 16D) show on the basis of enthalpy increase, that the specific energy input is 0.3 - 1.7 kWh/kg and the thermal efficiency is in the range of 1 - 12 %. more...

June 15. 2021 - Research news

Benjamin Klie_Thiel_Abb_1_

Part 1: Design and Construction of an additive Manufacturing unit for 3D-Printing

Additive Manufacturing of Rubber Parts based on liquid Rubber Polymers

This publication describes the design and construction of a test rig for the additive manufacturing of liquid rubber-based filled and curable low viscous rubber compounds. more...

June 8. 2021 - Research news


Modified sepiolite was used as filler in silica based elastomeric composites

Sepiolite as reinforcing Filler for Rubber Composites: From the chemical Compatibilization to the commercial Exploitation

Chemically modified sepiolite was used as filler in silica based elastomeric composites. more...

June 1. 2021 - Research news

Figure 1.  Heat and Oil Resistance of Elastomers used in Automotive.

Heat- and Oil-Resistance of ACM

Next-Generation Polymer Solutions for Sealing and Fluid Transport in High-Performance automotive Transmission Systems

In dieser Publikation wird die nächste Generation der HyTemp HT-ACM Technologie vorgestellt, welche zeigt, wie diese neuen Materialien gleichzeitig die Grenzen der Tieftemperaturleistungsfähigkeit bis zu - 40 °C und die Hitzebeständigkeit bis über 175 °C verbessern, während die mechanischen Eigenschaften von Dichtungen in niedrigviskosen Getriebeöleinsatz erweitert werden. more...

May 25. 2021 - Research news


Magnetic Rubber Compounds

Magnetic and mechanical Characterisation of Rubber bonded hard Ferrites Composites

The mechanical and magnetic properties of hard ferrite filled rubbers are investigated. Different compounds based on acrylonitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) and hydrogenated acrylonitrile butadiene rubber (HNBR) were manufactured and analysed. The magnetic fillers OP-71 from Dowa and FA-700 from Toda Kogyo were used. The compounds were mixed in an internal mixer and subsequently processed in […] more...

May 18. 2021 - Research news


Biobased Encapsulation

Fabrication and Properties of Cellulose Fiber / Soybean Meal / Natural Rubber Matrix for Encapsulation of Urea Fertilizer

Herein, the objective of this work was to effectively apply novel matrix from soybean meal (SB), modified with lactic acid (LA), cellulose fiber (CF) /natural rubber (NR) coating for encapsulation of urea fertilizer. more...

April 27. 2021 - Research news

Taweechai_Abb 1_

Oxygen Permeability

Effect of Fabrication Technique on Oxygen Permeation of low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)-Organoclay Nanocomposite Sheets

The effect of fabrication technique of LD-PE-organoclay nanocomposite sheets on oxygen permeability was investigated. more...

April 13. 2021 - Research news

Für die Covid-19-Impfstoffe werden viele Vials benötigt, die mit einem Stopfen aus Kautschuk verschlossen werden. Bild: syhin_stas/Stock.

Corona-Impfstoffproduktion befeuert Nachfrage nach Pharma- und Reinraumpressen

The production of sterile sealing plugs for Corona vaccine containers is demanding

Numerous orders from suppliers for Corona vaccine production are leading to high demand for pharmaceutical and cleanroom presses from Wickert Maschinenbau. more...

April 12. 2021 - Tires in


Investigation of flame-retardant additives

A short Review on Fire retardant polymeric Materials

Polymeric materials due to their low weight to strength ratio, find mammoth applications in automobiles, aircraft, spacecraft, boats, ships, civil construction, packaging, sporting goods etc. more...

April 6. 2021 - Research news

SEM micrograph of rHDPE/NR blends prepared by simple blend (A) and dynamic vulcanization (B).

TPE mit Kenaf Fasern

Dynamisch vulkanisierte recyklierte “High Density”- Polyethylen/Naturkautschuk / Kenaf-Komposite

Die Entsorgung von Kunststoffen erfolgt größtenteils ohne eine mögliche Wiederverwertung zu berücksichtigen. more...

March 23. 2021 - Research news


NR/SBR-Blends of Tire-treads

Cut and Chip Properties of Tire Rubber Compounds

Cut and Chip properties of tire tread along with other physicals were examined for entire range of NR/SBR blends ratio, impacts of Sulphur/ Accelerator ratio, Sillica as partial replacement of Carbon Black, Resins and specific short fiber. more...

March 5. 2021 - Research news

Vineet Kumar_Najib Alam

Carbon hybrid nanofillers

Rubber Composites based on CNT-CB hybrid and CB for industrial Applications

In present work, the carbon hybrid nanofillers were used in room-temperaturevulcanized (RTV) silicone rubber as a rubber matrix. more...

March 2. 2021 - Research news

Probst Nicolaus_Brüssel

Production and application of rCB

Progress on recovered Carbon Black from Waste Tire Pyrolysis

The use of recovered carbon black from waste tire pyrolysis is not progressing . The potential reasons for this stagnation are discussed considering the latest investigations in this domain. more...

February 26. 2021 - Research news