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Fig. 8: Dependence of εb on ATBC content (factor x3) and starch content (factor x2) in PLA/TPS/PHB blends, measured two weeks after film extrusion. Source Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava

Influence of structure of the blend based on polylactic acid, polyhydroxybutyrate and thermoplastic starch (PLA/TPS/PHB) on morphology and mechanical properties

Multicomponent Blends based on Polylactic Acid, Polyhydroxybuty-Rate and thermoplastic Starch

Influence of structure of the blend based on polylactic acid, polyhydroxybutyrate and thermoplastic starch (PLA/TPS/PHB) on morphology and mechanical properties was studied. more...

June 30. 2018 - Research news

Fig. 1: Experimental setup of high-pressure capillary rheometer test. Source: Institut für Kunststoffverarbeitung RWTH Aachen

Rheometric analyses are performed with a high-pressure capillary rheometer

Investigation of Wall Slippage in Silicone Rubber Compound by means of High-pressure Capillary Rheometer

Compared to organic rubber, silicone rubbers have a lower viscosity and a stronger structural viscosity. more...

June 26. 2018 - Research news

Fig. 2: (a) S-XANES spectra of the unextracted sulfur cross-linked IR and the references for the linear combination fitting method.

Spectroscopy of a sulfidic structure of isoprene rubber (IR)

Effect of solvent Extractions on a linear Combination fitting in sulfur K-edge X-ray Absorption near edge structure Spectroscopy for Sulfur cross-linked Rubber

Necessity of solvent extractions in the linear combination fitting method of sulfur K-edge X-ray absorption near edge structure (S-XANES) spectroscopy is described for evaluation of a sulfidic structure of isoprene rubber (IR) vulcanizate prepared using N-(1,3-benzothiazol-2-ylsulfanyl)cyclohexanamine as an accelerator, and zinc oxide and stearic acid as activators. more...

June 20. 2018 - Research news

Silica/Silane- Systems are the  basis for low rolling resistance tires. Copyright: Artur Marciniec/

Tailor made Silica/Silane-Systems

Precipitated Silica – Morphology Control

Precipitated silica, especially in combination with bifunctional organosilanes, is one of the most important active filler, filler system respectively, that is used in the rubber industry and especially in passenger car tire tread compounds. Despite the fact that there are already many different silica having a broad range of different specific surface areas, the variety of cluster sizes in the nanometer range is rather low in contrast to the broad range of available carbon black structure variations. more...

June 20. 2018 - Tires in

The Liquid PBTs are  able to co-vulcanize  in sulphur or peroxide cure compounds. Source: Synthomer

Liquid PBT

DKT 2018: Liquid polybutadienes for increasing chemical resistance and aging properties

Synthomer, London, UK, will be showcasing their Lithene range of liquid polybutadienes for the first time at the DKT 2018 show, in conjunction with their European distributor for the rubber industry, Brenntag. more...

June 13. 2018 - Product Review

Fig. 4: SEM for SBR and SBR/[CmMIM]Br-MH composites.

MgOH as plasticizer and compatibilizer

Mechanical and electrical Properties of SBR Composite filled with modified Magnesium Hydroxide by functionalized ionic Liquid

1-carboxymethyl-3-methylimidazolium bromide ionic liquid [CmMIM]Br IL had been synthesized and reported through quaternization reaction. more...

May 17. 2018 - Research news

Fig. 3: Statorimpregnated inresin NK 50/1K.

Amount of Resin in Winding

Thixotropic Adjustment of Impregnation Resin

Producers of windings of electrical machines require totally fixed winding after impregnation. more...

May 17. 2018 - Research news

Fig. 1: Temperature dependences of PFs for PIR with various content of 6PPD.

Synergy/antagonism in the stabilizer mixture

Performance of Antioxidants for Rubber Matrices evaluated by differential Scanning Calorimetry

The aim of this paper is to present a method for the evaluation of the stabilizing effect of various antioxidants and their mixtures in rubber matrices. more...

May 17. 2018 - Research news

Fig. 1: VOCs sampling and analysis process.

VOCs from Ligning

Identification of Vocs generated by natural and synthetic Polymers

Analysis of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) is a useful method for understanding the chemical processes involved in polymer degradation and for the identification of materials. more...

May 17. 2018 - Research news

Fig. 1: Indentation hardness HIT of PA 11 vs. irradiation doses.


Effect of Beta Irradiation on mechanical Properties of Surface Layer of Injection Moulded Polyamide 11

The influence of beta radiation on changes in the structure and selected (mechanical and thermal) properties of polymers was proved. more...

May 17. 2018 - Research news

Suty_Figure 1

Cellular Fillers

Natural Fiber Fillers and their Influence on the Properties of Rubber

The effect of powdered cellulose and two samples of its modification on the physical properties of rubber compositions were investigated. more...

May 17. 2018 - Research news


DKT 2018 – ein umfangreiches Programm lockt

Netzwerken in Nürnberg

Schon in wenigen Wochen wird Nürnberg wieder zum Treffpunkt der Kautschukindustrie. Die DKT wird vom 2. bis 5. Juli den rund 280 Unternehmen eine Plattform zur Präsentation bieten, zu der mehr als 3000 Besucher erwartet werden. Über 130 Vortragende füllen ein interessantes und umfangreiches Programm der Konferenz. more...

May 8. 2018 - Tires in

Bei Elastomeren wird über die Beschichtung vor allem der Reibungskoeffizient verringert, was auch zu einer stärkeren Vereinzelung der Dichtungen führt.  Bild: Trelleborg

Beschichtungsverfahren für medizintechnische Dichtungen

Just a thin coat

Big results can be obtained with the thinnest of coatings. At the nano-scale, an innovative surface treatment from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions significantly improves friction and stick-slip properties of elastomer seals while having little or no effect on the performance of the compounds the seals are made from. more...

April 18. 2018 - Tires in


Distribution of Silica in NR

Preparation of In Situ Silica filled natural Rubber by Sol-Gel Reaction of Sodium Silicate in natural Rubber Latex

A new aproach for preparing silica filled NR was investigated. Solid precipitated from sodium silicate solution composed of silica as a major component (75-85%). more...

April 17. 2018 - Research news


Interaction in Silica-Compounds

Improved Compatibility between Silica and natural Rubber by the use of Carbonyl-terminated low Molecular-Weight natural Rubber

Carbonyl-terminated low molecular-weight natural rubber (CLNR) was prepared by a scission reaction in the latex state. more...

April 16. 2018 - Research news

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