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TPE market projected to grow 8.0% and reach US$ 27.8bn by 2020

The market research store Research and Markets, based in Dublin, Ireland, hat added a new market research study about thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) to it’s website. The study says, that the market for TPE is projected to grow at a CAGR of 8.0% to reach US$27.8 bn by 2020. more...

September 28. 2015 - News


Hexpol reports very strong growth and strong margins

Swedish polymers manufacturer and processor Hexpol Group, Malmö, reports in the first half of 2015 a very strong growth and strong margins. Sales rose 37 per cent to 5,861 MSEK (€ 621m) and operating profit increased 39 per cent to 1,003 MSEK (€ 106m). more...

July 28. 2015 - News

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Sterilization of TPE

Hygienic Material for Medical Applications

More and more application possibilities are opened up for TPE in the medical and healthcare market due to excellent mechanical and technical properties. While TPE needs to fulfill an extensive regulatory framework, it also has to meet high customer demands. One crucial point for medical devices is the material's resistance to sterilization. more...

June 19. 2015 - Tires in

Statements on DKT/IRC 2015

How do you see the economic potential of the rubber industry in the international competition? Will DKT / IRC 2015 set decisive impulses at the economic side?

Statements from: Philipp H. Junge, Head of Business Line Rubber Additives Business, Lanxess Rhein Chemie Additives Business; Herman Dikland, Head of Business Line NBR / HNBR, Lanxess High Performance Elastomers business unit and Giorgio Cabrini, Commercial Director and Board Member, Mesgo more...

June 16. 2015 - News


Free-Volume Changes in EVA Composites Studied by Positron Annihilation Lifetime Technique

The influence of different concentrations (0 - 60 wt %) of carbon black (HAF) filler on macrostructure and microstructure of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) composites was studied through electrical, mechanical measurements and positron annihilation lifetime (PAL) spectroscopy. The electrical conductivity measurements showed an abrupt increase when the concentration of HAF reaches 30 wt%. more...

April 16. 2015 - Research news


Short Aramid Fiber reinforced TPU Composites: Processing, Morphology and Properties

Short fibers are suitable to improve the properties of various polymers. Thereby it is important to determine process induced structure-property relationships to under-stand effects on final composite. more...

September 18. 2014 - Research news

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Partnership between Kraiburg TPE and Veritas for automotive products

The oil- and temperature-resistant Thermoplastic Elastomer Hipex from Kraiburg TPE has partnered with Veritas, the manufacturer of innovative system solutions for the automotive market. The TPE material will be used in combination with the substrate polyamide to produce double clips for fastening brake lines. more...

March 21. 2014 - News