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Figure 1, Gr structure via SEM

LDPE/Gr -nano compounds were investigated in terms of graphene distribution, morphology and crystal structure using methods such as Raman spectroscopy, XRD, SEM and TEM

Characterization of the Effect of Graphene Inclusion in LDPE

LDPE/Gr nanocompounds were studied based on graphene (Gr)-distribution, morphology and crystal structure according to different methods such as, Raman spectroscopy (RS), XRD, SEM and TEM. more...

October 5. 2021 - Research news

Figure 1. TS and EAB of NaCAS/PE films.

Films were prepared from sodium caseinate/polyethylene blends by extrusion and hot pressing using various plasticizers such as glycerol, sorbitol and polyethylene glyol

The Characterization of Polyethylene /Sodium Caseinate Films with different Plasticizers produced by Extrusion and its Biodegradability

Sodium caseinate (NaCAS)/polyethylene (PE) blend films by using different plasticizers glycerol (GLY), sorbitol (SOR) and polyethylene glycol (PEG) were produced by the extruder and hot press. more...

September 28. 2021 - Research news

Figure 4. Tensile strength values of samples.

Modification of mechanical Properties

A Study on Making recycled Polycarbonate more available:

Nowadays, recycling of waste polymers has become an important subject due to the concerns about environmental pollution and human health. more...

August 27. 2021 - Research news

Graph Abstract_12YVEvwXco

Critical Gel

Critical Gel and Rubber Curing Cycle Design

Compounds with large cross-sectional thickness must reach a satisfactory “state of cure” by the end of the residence molding cure time to prevent porosity at demoulding. more...

August 20. 2021 - Research news

Fig. 1 Scratch Tester

Polyester Composites are extensively used in many tribological Applications

Tribological Properties of Polyester Composites Filling by solid Lubricants

Lubricants contain solid contaminant particles that hinder their function in wear and friction reduction. more...

August 18. 2021 - Research news

Fig. 2: Hansen Solubility Parameters of compound components in a 3-dimensional diagram; 1: values from: [7], 2: values from [11].

Part 2

Improved Contact Mechanisms of high Viscous Rubber Compounds on Calender Roll Surfaces by using different Tackifier

In Part 1 of this publication ( [1] KGK 3/2021) it was reported about different tackifier classes with regard to their performance to create tackiness in highly filled silica hard-rubber compounds for processing. more...

August 16. 2021 - Research news

Figure (3) Two-body abrasion, reciprocating sliding apparatus (1) Base plate (2) Plate (3) Linear bearing (4) Table (5) Emery paper (6) Test sample (7) Sample jig (8) Load cell (9) Normal load.

Crosslinking by light and silica nanoparticles

Development in the Surface Properties of the Hybrid Composite Resin by Light-Curing Process and Silicon Dioxide Nanoparticles

The purpose of this paper is to identify the surface properties of the hybrid composite resin as function of curing times, curing modes and fractions of SiO2 NPs. more...

June 24. 2021 - Research news


Mechanical-thermal behavior of rubber during the process

Simulation of a Heat-Buildup Process on Rubber Components

This article describes the simulation setup and the development of a simulation method for modeling the self-heating of cyclic-loaded rubber components within the well-known ABAQUS FE environment. more...

June 22. 2021 - Research news

Taweechai_Abb 1_

Oxygen Permeability

Effect of Fabrication Technique on Oxygen Permeation of low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)-Organoclay Nanocomposite Sheets

The effect of fabrication technique of LD-PE-organoclay nanocomposite sheets on oxygen permeability was investigated. more...

April 13. 2021 - Research news

Vineet Kumar_Najib Alam

Carbon hybrid nanofillers

Rubber Composites based on CNT-CB hybrid and CB for industrial Applications

In present work, the carbon hybrid nanofillers were used in room-temperaturevulcanized (RTV) silicone rubber as a rubber matrix. more...

March 2. 2021 - Research news

Probst Nicolaus_Brüssel

Production and application of rCB

Progress on recovered Carbon Black from Waste Tire Pyrolysis

The use of recovered carbon black from waste tire pyrolysis is not progressing . The potential reasons for this stagnation are discussed considering the latest investigations in this domain. more...

February 26. 2021 - Research news


Colloidal properties of different carbon black (CB) grades

Fourier Transform Rheology – an innovative Tool for the Characterization of recovered Carbon Black

Colloidal properties of different carbon black (CB) grades represented by their structure and specific surface area were characterized before and after pyrolysis. Additionally, rubber compounds produced with these fillers were investigated by Fourier Transform (FT) Rheology, since the nonlinear, rheological behavior of filled elastomers under specific conditions is associated with the filler-polymer interaction. For comparison, […] more...

February 10. 2021 - Research news


Part II: Dynamic Stress-Softening

Silica-Filled Masterbatches produced with Liquid Phase Mixing

The stress-softening effect of vulcanizates has been generally investigated under quasi-static and large deformations.   more...

December 10. 2020 - Research news


Analyse of Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR)- and X-Ray Photoelectron-Spectroscopy (XPS) -techniques

Preparation, Characterisation and Application of Glut Palmitate as a Coupling Agent in Natural Rubber Composites

In this work, the green glut palmitate salt (GP) was prepared using the acidbase titration method and used as a coupling agent in natural rubber (NR)-composites.   more...

December 10. 2020 - Research news

Fig. 13: Mechanical properties in dependency of the silica content a) tensile strength and elongation at break and  b) tensile strength at constant elongation of 10%.

A significant shift of the percolation

Development of soft electrical conductive PDMS/CNT-Composites with extremely low CNT Content

In order to create electrical conductive polydimethylsiloxane/carbon nanotube-composites with high flexibility, it is inevitable to minimize the filler content. more...

August 4. 2020 - Research news