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Rolling Resistance of TBR Tires

NR-Silica-Masterbatches – The easy Processing Way to High Quality Compounds

Growing requirements of higher fuel economy increase the pressure on producers of TBR tires to use silica as a filler in Natural Rubber compounds. Currently this seems to be the silver bullet to further reduce Rolling Resistance without compromise in Skid and Wear. High quality Natural Rubber compounds filled with Silica and Silane in high […] more...

February 12. 2018 - Research news

Bild: - Thomas Söllner

Anspruchsvolle Rezepturen erfordern eine hochentwickelte Mischtechnik

Das Tandemverfahren revolutioniert die Reifenindustrie

Die Anforderungen an Reifenmischungen steigen und ab 2020 soll der Kraftstoffverbrauch nochmals um 20 Prozent sinken. Dafür notwendig sind komplexe Kautschukrezepturen für Reifen, in denen wahrscheinlich flüssige Polymere, neue Füllstofftypen und sonstige Zusatzstoffe eine wichtige Rolle spielen. Schon jetzt hat das Tandemverfahren den Mischprozess erheblich verbessert. In Zukunft müssen die Maschinen bezüglich Dispersion, Distribution, Temperaturkontrolle und Prozesskonstanz bei verbesserter Wirtschaftlichkeit weiter optimiert werden. more...

February 2. 2018 - Tires in


EPDM blend for Profiles

Elaboration of Rubber Profiles for Automotive-industry

EPDM is extensively used in automotive applications and is favored to superior heat resistance, ozone resistance and weathering resistance. This study aims to elaborate rubber profiles for car windows and doors based on EPDM and EPDM/LLDPE blend formulations. Different prepared rubber compounds and vulcanizates were evaluated by determining the rheometric characteristics and physico-mechanical properties. The […] more...

May 8. 2017 - Research news

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Oscillatory rheometer measurements

Characterization of Summer Tire Tread Compounds by Large Amplitude Oscillating Shear (Laos)

In the last years, characterisation of polymers by Fourier analysis of Large Amplitude Oscillating Shear (LAOS) signals became a powerful, widely spread technique. Oscillatory rheometer measurements were carried out in the non-linear viscoelastic domain for summer tire tread compounds based on the “green tire recipe”. Compound variations were realized by changing the polymer base well […] more...

April 10. 2017 - Research news


Saves Mixing Time and improves Compatibility

At Tire Technology Expo 2017 Evonik will present Vestenamer, a process additive with unique properties for efficient tire production. The process additive simplifies the mixing and production of various tire compounds. more...

February 9. 2017 - Product Review


Tire Technology Expo 2017

Rubber and Tire Experts in Hanover

Now in its seventeenth year, Tire Technology Expo is one of the world‘s most important tire manufacturing technology exhibition and conference. It offers the visitor the world‘s premier technology showcase, with exhibits of equipment and materials covering the complete spectrum of the tire manufacturing process. More than 260 exhibitors will be present. more...

February 7. 2017 - Tires in

The business unit supplies the rubber industry with a broad range of predispersed polymer-bound additives, processing promoters, vulcanization and filler activators, anti-sun check waxes, release agents, tire marking paints and high-performance curing bladders. Picture: Lanxess


Single-release Inside Lubes for Cleaner Tire Production

The Lanxess Rhein Chemie Additives business unit will present a variety of solutions for tire-makers at the Tire Technology Expo. This includes its comprehensive portfolio of eco-friendly Rhenodiv tire release agents, Rhenomark tire marking paints, Rhenoshape tire curing bladders and Rhenogran aramid fiber masterbatches. more...

February 7. 2017 - Product Review

The systems have been designed taking account of industrial expectations in terms of accuracy, performance, productivity and ergonomics. Picture: Metravib


Automated Tests of Compression, Tension and Shear

Metravib presents Xpander. Used in association with a Metravib DMA instrument, the system enables DMA test campaigns on a large number of specimens to be entirely automated. more...

February 6. 2017 - Product Review

The strainer with a throughput of 10.000 kg/h. Picture: Uth


Fine-mesh Straining in large Mixing Lines

With a focus on fine-mesh straining of rubber compounds in large mixing lines, Uth will present its solutions for applications requiring highest availability and cost-efficiency. more...

February 3. 2017 - Product Review


Reach-compliant Process Oils

Showcasing its range of Reach-compliant plasticisers will be a priority for Total Special Fluids. They are compatible with the main rubbers used in tire formulations. more...

February 2. 2017 - Product Review

Mold Cleaning

Microparticles improve Cleaning Process

Cold Jet will be showcasing its Microparticle Technology that helps tire manufacturers to more efficiently control and improve the critical mold cleaning process. more...

February 1. 2017 - Product Review

Next Generation Colour Inspection System for Extruder Lines. Source: Micro Epsilon


Inspect the Color Code Accurancy

Micro-Epsilon will be exhibiting its latest tire color inspection unit, designed to provide fully equipped color coding, color code inspection and width inspection of extruded tread. more...

January 31. 2017 - Product Review



Technologies for Polymeric Cord/ Rubber Adhesion in Applications

A good adhesion between the rubber of a tire and the reinforcing polymeric cord is crucial for the overall tire performance and safety. Polymeric cords are commonly treated by a resorcinol formaldehyde latex (RFL) coating to obtain the desired adhesion, often in combination with an epoxy coating in order to make the cord surface and the RFL coating compatible. more...

February 26. 2016 - Research news

On a highway trucks and cars driving side by side. Source: Petra

Lorry – Periodic Report Summary 1

Development of an innovative Low Rolling Resistance Truck Tyre Concept

Transport sector depends on oil for about 96% of its energy needs; it accounts for 58% of the global oil consumption and 20% of GHG emissions. Latest projections on global oil use predict another increase in transportation activity of almost 90% in the next decade. Transport system will remain an essential vector for a strong economic growth: a mutation from a classical transport system to an intelligent transport system appears to be an absolute necessity: greener, safer and smarter. more...

February 9. 2016 - Tires in


The Tyre Industry

More than a Century of Innovation and still not Slowing Down

The Tyre Industry Industry would not be where it is today, if it was not for tyres. Mass transportation – except for trains and ships, perhaps – would not be possible. Personal transportation would not allow for the speeds we drive today. Trucks would not be able to carry the load they carry, if it was not for tyres. Planes could not lift off or land without these black donuts. more...

February 8. 2016 - Tires in