Elastomer Components

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Für die Covid-19-Impfstoffe werden viele Vials benötigt, die mit einem Stopfen aus Kautschuk verschlossen werden. Bild: syhin_stas/Stock. Adobe.com

Corona-Impfstoffproduktion befeuert Nachfrage nach Pharma- und Reinraumpressen

The production of sterile sealing plugs for Corona vaccine containers is demanding

Numerous orders from suppliers for Corona vaccine production are leading to high demand for pharmaceutical and cleanroom presses from Wickert Maschinenbau. more...

April 12. 2021 - Tires in

Its lasting high Young’s modulus at higher temperatures is one remark­able advantage of rayon as reinforcement for high performance mechanical rubber goods.  Copyrigth: all Cordenka

Prompt brake pressure generation contributes to automotive safety

Advanced Rayon Brake Hose Reinforcement

Cordenka rayon is a high tenacity man-made fiber based on cellulose extracted from wood. Its key property is a high Young’s modulus that is performed constantly in a temperature range between -40 and +120 °C. This feature as well as rayon’s low thermal shrinkage, its good resistance to chemicals and its sustainable raw material origin have made rayon popular as reinforcing material for automotive tires and brake hoses. more...

August 7. 2019 - Tires in

Abb. 7: Hybridgarn und aufgeschnittener Prüfkörper nach T-Test, links unbeschichtetes  Hybridgarn VP2, rechts RFL-gedipptes Hybridgarn VP2_RFL_La1.

Investigation of Tire Model Compounds

Optimizing the stress-strain behavior of hybrid yarns in elastomer components

Using a tire model compound, the bimodular stress-strain behavior of aramid/PA hybrid yarns in the range of 1-10% strain was adjusted by varying the process parameters during the hybrid yarn production, different yarn constructions, coating of the hybrid yarns and modifying the elastomer matrix by additives. more...

February 20. 2019 - Research news

Die Plasmareinigung sorgt für tiefen­gereinigte Dichtungen. Dieser Vorgang  ist durch ein Sichtfenster sehr schön an  der lilafarbenen Flamme zu beobachten. Bildquelle: alle OVE Plasmatec

Coatings make sealing rings even more efficient

Anti-friction coating for first-class performance

Was Dichtungen können müssen, ist nicht hoch genug zu bewerten. Obwohl sie C-Teile sind, müssen sie A-Funktionen übernehmen. So sollen sie möglichst den ewigen Zielkonflikt zwischen hervorragender Dichtwirkung, niedrigster Reibung und geringst möglichem Verschleiß auflösen. Eine Beschichtung mit Gleitlack bringt Elastomerdichtungen allen konkurrierenden Zielen näher. Diese Nachbehandlung und Veredelung eignet sich für Großserien genauso wie für Kleinstmengen ab Losgröße 1. more...

July 31. 2018 - Tires in

Sarah David_


Creating a Model for Novel Developments based on solubilty Parameters

HNBR is an elastomer with excellent heat and oil resistance, outstanding mechanical properties at elevated temperatures and good low temperature flexibility. Nevertheless, there is still a demand for further reduction in Tg while maintaining excellent media resistance. These modifications are not achievable with copolymers, which implies the application of terpolymers. While for many potential termonomers, […] more...

September 4. 2017 - Research news


Smart Hydrogel

Physical Properties of smart maleated Poly(vinyl alcohol) –g-Poly (N-isopropylacrylamide) and natural Rubber Latex

The objective of this work was to analyze the physical properties of smart polymer from a maleated poly (vinyl alcohol) (PVAM) graft copolymer with poly-N-isopropylacrylamide (PNIPAM) (PVAM-g-PNIPAM) and natural rubber (NR) latex in green route. The mechanical properties of  the swollen hydrogel was enhanced by the addition the NR latex.  The PVAM-g-PNIPAM and PVAM-g-PNIPAM/NR hydrogel […] more...

April 25. 2017 - Research news


Friction and Wear Properties

Tribological Performance for Polyester filled by recycled Rubber

The aim of this work is to study the friction and wear of polyester as flooring materials filled by recycled rubber. The test rig, used in the experiments was top scratching tester equipped with an indenter to produce a scratch on a flat surface with a single pass. The tested material is polyester filled by […] more...

April 10. 2017 - Research news

Der VDA stellte seine Strategie für die nächsten Jahre vor. Elektroantriebe, als Plug-in-Hybrid oder rein batterie-elektrisch werden neben weiter entwickelten konventionellen Antrieben eine große Rolle spielen. Bildquelle: grapestock – fotolia.com

German automotive industry to go on the offensive

VDA presents 10-point plan

Around 600 high-ranking guests from politics, business and academia attended the New Year Reception of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) in Berlin. The German automotive industry needs to have the policy-makers at its side if it is to maintain its competitive international position in the future. It is becoming more and more apparent that given these “disruptive times,” the companies are going on the offensive with a comprehensive strategy that can be summarized in ten points: By 2020 the manufacturers will more than treble their range of electric cars – from the current 30 to nearly 100 models. In 2019 electric drive will be present in practically all series, in the form of plug-in hybrids or purely battery-driven vehicles. Second, the German automotive industry will invest over 40 billion euros in alternative powertrains by 2020. In parallel to electric mobility, development of classical powertrains will continue. Reductions in consumption of 10 to 15 percent are possible. We need a reasonable trade-off between climate policy and industrial policy, a policy with moderation, and with a view to employment. more...

February 27. 2017 - Tires in

Thomas Kroth_Fraunhofer

Simulation of damage mechamism

A concept for temperaturedependent fatigue prediction of elastomer components

Within the BMWi funded project „Elasto-Opt“ an exemplary elastomer-mixture based on a natural rubber (NR) was investigated. The goal of the project was to determine the influence of the temperature on the material’s behavior and lifetime. Based on a manifold of experimental investigations, a concept for the prediction of the temperature-dependent lifetime was worked out. […] more...

September 9. 2016 - Research news

Source: guukaa - Fotolia.com

Thermoplastic Elastomers from Renewable Resources

Sustainable Development

With advances in technical properties and functionality and a growing number of manufacturers, materials and applications, the bioplastics market is emerging from the side-lines. Although we are currently in a period of unpredictability in oil prices and supply, it is recognised that in the long-term industries that have traditionally relied on fossil based feedstocks will […] more...

June 27. 2016 - Tires in

Faktoren, die die Lebensdauer einer LED beeinflussen. Bildquelle: Osram

Anforderungen an Silikonhersteller und ihre Rohstoffe für die Halbleiterproduktion

Silikon für LEDs

Die Leuchtdioden (LED)-Technologie hat sich seit der Erfindung der weißen LED in den 80er/90er Jahren kontinuierlich weiterentwickelt, was in der Allgemein und der Automobilbeleuchtung besonders ersichtlich ist. LEDs sind auf Grund ihrer Größe, Kompaktheit, langen Lebensdauer und exzellenten Farbwiedergabe deutlich im Vorteil gegenüber traditionellen Lichttechnologien, was ihnen den Markt für immer mehr Einsatzgebiete ebnet. Grundsätzlich […] more...

June 21. 2016 - Tires in


Fatigue crack growth behaviour

Durability Prediction of NR/BR and NR/SBR Blend Tread Compounds using Tear Fatigue Analyser

The present work aims to characterize fatigue crack growth (FCG) behaviour for comparative durability prediction of NR/BR- and NR/SBR- blend based compounds. The influence of strain, temperature, r-ratio and waveform was studied to simulate realistic service life condition by using a Tear and Fatigue Analyser (TFA). Both of these blends show higher FCG rate at […] more...

June 17. 2016 - Research news

Trelleborg acquires anti-vibration engineering

Trelleborg acquires Loggers Rubbertechniek and grows within marine applications

Trelleborg has, through its business area Trelleborg Industrial Solutions, signed an agreement and finalized the acquisition of Loggers Rubbertechniek B.V., a Netherlands-based privately owned engineering company that provides specially engineered anti-vibration solutions, principally within marine applications. The company designs and develops solutions that minimize noise and dampen vibrations and shocks, mainly for onboard ship systems. The acquisition strengthens Trelleborg’s antivibration operation within marine applications in Europe. more...

March 9. 2016 - News

Decreasing space in the engine bay and rising temperatures are high requirements on the components made of elastomers. Source: Zeon

New Developments in ACM Fluid Resistance Technology

Consequences of less Space and higher Temperatures in the Engine Bay

With the continued trend for ever decreasing space in the engine bay, temperatures continue to rise, placing ever more demanding requirements on the components operating in this environment. One consequence of this is the need for Elastomers capable of ever-greater long-term high temperature resistance. The superiority of high-temperature ACM (HT-ACM) elastomers over traditional ACM & other Acrylic elastomers with respect to heat and aggressive automotive lubricating oil resistance has been demonstrated in many applications including a variety of engine seals, oil pan and valve cover gaskets, hose and air ducts. more...

March 4. 2016 - Tires in

The functional fillers are established products in fluoroelastomer applications such as seals. Source: HPF Minerals


Tire Technology Expo 2016: Innovative Filler Concepts

Raw material mining and processing specialists Quarzwerke Group and its HPF Mineral Engineers division will showcase its development of high performance mineralogical and synthetic fillers. Functional fillers play a crucial role in setting special properties to advanced polymer systems with MICA muscovite and phlogopite reducing mechanical and thermal distortion in polymer systems and finished parts. more...

February 19. 2016 - Product Review