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Mit modernen Technologien zu fundierten Entscheidungen

Virtual Mold- and Process-Optimisation with Simulation

Modern rubber injection molding applications present several challenges to the processors, as parts become more complex and at the same time the production should be most efficient and resource saving. more...

January 1. 2018 - Tires in

Das Bedien- und Vernetzungskonzept ermöglicht den externen Zugriff. Bilder: alle Wickert Maschinenbau

Injection Transfer Moulding in Zeiten von Industrie 4.0

Automatisierte Fertigungsprozesse für Gummiformteile

Zu den Vorteilen des ITM-Verfahrens zählen eine vergleichsweise hohe Zahl der Werkzeugnester und kurzer Vulkanisationszeit bei optimaler Prozessführung. Insbesondere mit temperierten Transfertöpfen ist das ITM-Verfahren sehr wirtschaftlich. In Kombination mit einer Vakuumkammer lassen sich Fehlstellen und Brenner vermeiden. Die passende Automatisierungslösung macht das Verfahren rund. more...

June 13. 2017 - Tires in

Für eine sinnvolle Umsetzung von Industrie 4.0 sind Kunststoffverarbeiter und Anlagenbauer digital vernetzt, von den Rohstoffen, über die Anlagen  bis zu den Produkten. Bildquelle: Azo

Partnerschaftliches Konzept zur Umsetzung von Industrie 4.0

Industry 4.0 and the 4P-Model

Maschinenbauer setzen auf Industrie 4.0. Das kann alles und nichts bedeuten. Konkret wird es, wenn man Vorgehen und Zielsetzung betrachtet. Ein Dosier-Anlagebauer setzt auf ein selbst kreiertes 4P-Modell, an dem sie sämtliche I4.0-Aktivitäten ausrichtet. more...

May 8. 2017 - Tires in



Development of an Extrusion for the Continuous Pre-Cross-Linking of Solid Silicone Rubber

The blow molding of solid silicone rubbers is possible with a defined pre-cross-linking of the material. The pre-cross-linking allows the extrusion of the parison without strong drawdown and the forming with compressed air into a hollow body. The objective of this contribution is the development of an extrusion die for the continuous pre-cross-linking of silicone […] more...

April 27. 2017 - Research news

The strainer with a throughput of 10.000 kg/h. Picture: Uth


Fine-mesh Straining in large Mixing Lines

With a focus on fine-mesh straining of rubber compounds in large mixing lines, Uth will present its solutions for applications requiring highest availability and cost-efficiency. more...

February 3. 2017 - Product Review

Mold Cleaning

Microparticles improve Cleaning Process

Cold Jet will be showcasing its Microparticle Technology that helps tire manufacturers to more efficiently control and improve the critical mold cleaning process. more...

February 1. 2017 - Product Review

Bildquelle: Sigma Engineering

2-Komponenten-Werkzeugtechnik für Silikonspritzguss

LSR Processes Set-up Virtually Testing new concepts

During the processing of liquid silicone rubber (LSR) Sigmasoft Virtual Molding is a vital tool. Because of their particular rheology and cross linking kinetics, LSRs only allow for a narrow processing window and thus present some challenges to the processor. These circumstances have however motivated a number of innovations, to fully exploit the potential of […] more...

December 8. 2016 - Tires in

3D Druck mit Silicon, Prototyp, ACEO®, 3D printing with silicone. Bild: alle Wacker

3D Printer for Silicones

3D Printer for Silicones

Der Münchner Chemiekonzern Wacker präsentiert auf der K 2016 einen industriellen 3D-Drucker für Silikone. Das Gerät wird während der Messe in Betrieb sein und Teile aus Silikon drucken. Der Drucker zur additiven Fertigung von Bauteilen aus Silikon arbeitet nach dem Dropon-Demand-Verfahren. Vor allem für Entwickler aus der Automobil-, Luft- und Raumfahrtindustrie wird die Technik interessant sein. more...

October 19. 2016 - Tires in

Mold Cleaning

Tire Technology Expo 2016: Dry Ice Cleaning Using Microparticles

Cold Jet will be presenting a new standard for tire mould cleaning; the Cold Jet Tire edition with new ‘Dry Ice MicroParticles’ technology. The company develops enhanced cleaning solutions based on customers’ manufacturing requirements. Without the restrictions of Dry Ice media (Block, Pellets, Nuggets), Cold Jet’s patented Dry Ice Micro-Particle-technology in combination with its Sure-Flow-technology […] more...

January 29. 2016 - Product Review


Countries on the Danube: 4th Rubber Symposium in October

The Hungarian Chemical Society and MAGUSZ Hungarian Rubber Association invite to participate at the 4th Rubber Symposium of the Countries on the Danube to be held in Hungary, at Szeged, 24-26 October 2016. The organizers also call for papers. more...

January 27. 2016 - News

Pleased about the change of ownership of Kraussmaffei Group: Ting Cai, Chairman and CEO der China National Chemical Equipment Co. Ltd. (CNCE), Dr. Frank Stieler, CEO of Kraussmaffei Gruppe and Chen Junwei, CEO of Chemchina Finance Co. Ltd. (Source: Kraussmaffei).


Chemchina to acquire Kraussmaffei Group for €925 million

Chemchina, leading chemical company in China, signed contract to aquire German machine manufacturer Kraussmaffei group based in Munic from Canadian Onex corporation for €925 million. Kraussmaffei Group will continue to operate in its current structure. more...

January 11. 2016 - News

The 12th Fall Rubber Colloquium (KHK) organized by the German Institute of Rubber Technology takes place from 22th to 24th of November 2016 in Hanover (Germany). Picture is taken from the last KHK 2014 (Source: KGK)

News / KHK 2016

German Fall Rubber Colloquium: Invitation and Call for Papers

The 12th Fall Rubber Colloquium organized by the German Institute of Rubber Technology (Deutsches Institut für Kautschuktechnologie, DIK) takes place from 22th to 24th of November 2016 in Hanover (Germany). Delegates are encouraged to register both from outside and within Germany. more...

December 7. 2015 - News

Durch das Strainern der  Mischung lassen sich  Fehlstellen vermeiden.

Strainer-Technology to increase Quality and Capacity

Strainer-Technology to increase Quality and Capacity

The roll-ex strainer cell, supplied by Uth, Fulda, Germany, is an integrated, highly automated system for straining compounds independently of existing mixing lines. It consists of a gear extruder with screw feeder and strainer head, a strip cooler and a packing/stacking unit. more...

September 21. 2015 - Tires in

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Improving pressure demand prediction to design elastomer molds

Simulation is an established tool to support the design of elastomer molds. However, the predicted value of the pressure required to fill the cavity sometimes deviates from reality. At DKT/IRC 2015, the Sigma-team, Aachen, will deliver insights on pressure calculations and offer recommendations on how to interpret the obtained results. more...

June 22. 2015 - Product Review

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Interview with Boris Engelhardt, Managing Director of the German Rubber Society

Very Welcome to DKT / IRC 2015 in Nuremberg!

DKT / IRC 2015 is opening the doors. The Managing Director of the organizing association DKG gives a preview of the main topcis and what visitors could expect in Nuremberg - The greater the choice, the more the effort! more...

June 17. 2015 - Tires in

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