Simulation of damage mechamism

A concept for temperaturedependent fatigue prediction of elastomer components

September 9. 2016 - Thomas Kroth_FraunhoferWithin the BMWi funded project „Elasto-Opt“ an exemplary elastomer-mixture based on a natural rubber (NR) was investigated. The goal of the project was to determine the influence of the temperature on the material’s behavior and lifetime. Based on a manifold of experimental investigations, a concept for the prediction of the temperature-dependent lifetime was worked out. This concept combines the necessary efforts on material characterization, FE-analysis and lifetime assessment for elastomers. It is accompanied by two new approaches. The first one is a fully thermo-mechanically coupled material model describing the temperaturedependent material behavior as well as the self-heating under dynamic loads. The second one is a modification of the Palmgren-Miner-method for the prediction of the material’s lifetime.  

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