PU-Coating of Steel Sheets

Wear resistance of steel sheets coated by Polyurethane reinforced by Nickel Chrome wires

March 3. 2017 - Sand erosion of steel sheets coated by polyurethane and reinforced by nickel chrome (Ni Cr) wires of different diameters is discussed. The tested polyurethane composite coatings are proposed to defeat sand erosion of steel surfaces during dusty storms. Experiments have been carried out using sand blast test rig. Based on the experimental results, it was found that wear of PU reinforced by Ni Cr wires decreased with increasing wire diameter. As the distance between the wires increased wear decreased, while as the PU coating thickness decreased wear decreased. Adhesion of PU on the wire surfaces controls wear of the coatings. Besides, wear of PU reinforced by gridded Ni Cr wires was relatively lower than that observed for longitudinal wire distribution.

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