Start 01.12.2020
End 02.12.2020
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Plastics are probably the most versatile materials that human being has developed. This versatility is due in part to the ability of plastics to be mixed with a wide variety of substances that can give them new properties, such as: electrical and thermal conductivity, flame retardancy, foaming, transparency, impact resistance, rigidity, flexibility also including a possible cost reduction and future recycling.
In order to achieve these good properties, a correct mixing process is essential and this will depend on a current screw design, appropriate control process, the good selection of peripherals and the experience to solve the problems that appear during the compounds production.This workshop is designed for companies interested in increasing their knowledge of compounding, particularly with regard to techniques such as plastics mixing, reinforcing, additivation and co-rotating twin screw extrusion, and with a special interest in screw design, control processes, describing co-rotating twin screw extrusion and troubleshooting, as well as practical training.

Therefore, the workshop has several objectives. First, to identify essential concepts for optimum mixing of each compound. Second, to determine the most appropriate equipment for each process. Third, to design a new compounding process and control key parameters in compound production in order to optimize production.

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