Fig. 1: Illustration of compression set tests described in ISO 815-1.

Compression Set

Rubber Sealing Performance Analysis – Comparison of Testing Techniques

Change in compression set of an elastomeric product with respect to time shows long-term sealing behavior of the material and indicates the quality of the product. more...

March 20. 2019 - Research news

Abb. 7: Hybridgarn und aufgeschnittener Prüfkörper nach T-Test, links unbeschichtetes  Hybridgarn VP2, rechts RFL-gedipptes Hybridgarn VP2_RFL_La1.

Investigation of Tire Model Compounds

Optimizing the stress-strain behavior of hybrid yarns in elastomer components

Using a tire model compound, the bimodular stress-strain behavior of aramid/PA hybrid yarns in the range of 1-10% strain was adjusted by varying the process parameters during the hybrid yarn production, different yarn constructions, coating of the hybrid yarns and modifying the elastomer matrix by additives. more...

February 20. 2019 - Research news

Figure 2

Photosensitive HXNBR

Photo-triggered Self-Healing of Elastomers

The photo-reversible cycloaddition reaction of anthracene groups is used to impart self-healing properties into hydrogenated carboxylated nitrile butadiene rubber (HXNBR). more...

October 8. 2018 - Research news

Fig. 2: Water drop on a steel surface with the apparent contact angle θ. The letters S, L and V indicate the phases of the solid, the liquid and the gas phase.


Review – Characterization of modified Elastomer Surfaces by wetting

This article features the current state of research with respect to plasma and varnished elastomer composites, which have been characterized by the sessile drop and the modified Wilhelmy balance technique. more...

September 12. 2018 - Research news

Fig. 6: Mooney-Rivlin material calibration.

Analyzing Stress States

Efficient Material Parameter Calibration of Elastomer Specimen in uniaxial Tension, planar Shear and equibiaxial Tension

For analyzing arbitrary static 3D stress states in solid rubber compounds, three different material tests are performed. more...

July 26. 2018 - Research news


Rice Husk Powder in Rubber

Effects of carburized Rice Husk Powders on physical Properties of Elastomer based Materials

In this study the effects of carburized rice husk (CRH) powders on the mechanical properties of SBR (SBR 1502) / waste rubber type elastomer based materials were investigated. In addition to the calcite and rubber powder fillings in the general composition of a rubber formula used in footwear production, CRH obtained by the Proliz method […] more...

October 9. 2017 - Research news


Cellulose as Filler

Comparative studies on the potential of bacterial nanocellulose (BNC) as filler in elastomers

The influence of spherical beech cellulose (BuRe), a fibrous regenerated cellulose (FCP) and a nanoscale bacterial cellulose (BNC) was examined on the elastomeric properties in a S-SBR model mixture. All types of cellulose are suitable as elastomeric fillers. However, they should be used always modified to increase the compatibility between the hydrophilic cellulose and the […] more...

October 11. 2016 - Research news


Review: Ageing of Rubber

Environmental Ageing of Elastomers – the Duality of Crosslinking and Chain Scissions

This review paper describes the duality between chain breaking and crosslinking reactions which possibly occurs during the ageing of most elastomers. The phenomenon occurs both on crude/not cured rubbers and on fully crosslinked rubbers and is much more important than in other polymer families. As the analytical methods to measure chain scissions are considered to […] more...

August 1. 2016 - Research news


Fatigue crack growth behaviour

Durability Prediction of NR/BR and NR/SBR Blend Tread Compounds using Tear Fatigue Analyser

The present work aims to characterize fatigue crack growth (FCG) behaviour for comparative durability prediction of NR/BR- and NR/SBR- blend based compounds. The influence of strain, temperature, r-ratio and waveform was studied to simulate realistic service life condition by using a Tear and Fatigue Analyser (TFA). Both of these blends show higher FCG rate at […] more...

June 17. 2016 - Research news

Bluestar Silicones offers a new generation of fire resistant HCR silicones for safety cables designed to meet the highest dielectric, heat stability and fire resistance requirements of the market (Source: KVDP/Wikipedia Commons)


Bluestar Silicones increased custom compounding capacity in Spain

Bluestar Silicones headquartered in Lyon, France. has expanded its elastomer capabilities in Barcelona, Spain adding capacity for silicone custom compounding and enhancing its manufacturing technology to strengthen its offering in ready to use silcone elastomers. more...

December 7. 2015 - News

The 19th edition of The Synthetic Rubber Manual has been published by IISRP. (Source: IISRP)


IISRP published new edition of The Synthetic Rubber Manual

The International Institute of Synthetic Rubber Producers (IISRP) in Houston, USA, has published the 19th edition of The Synthetic Rubber Manual, the leading source for synthetic rubber product grade information. more...

October 28. 2015 - News


Comparison of fibre-matrix adhesion of elastomer-PPS-composites under quasi static and static-dynamic load in the tension mode as function of temperature

During the investigations, the adhesion of PPS fiber elastomer composites under quasi-static (T-Test) and static/dynamic loading (Eplexor) was determined in tensile mode at different temperatures. Therefore, PPS fibers with different sizings and various 2-step wet-chemical coatings were used. more...

September 16. 2015 - Research news