Bild 1: Vernetzungsisotherme und Innendruckverlauf der Moosgummimischung in  Abhängigkeit von der Temperatur.

Analysing the cell Structures and the mechanical short and long term properties of rubber Profiles

Influence of Vulcanization Parameters on the Structure and mechanical Properties of expanded EPDM

In the quality control of foamed rubber profiles, mechanical long-term tests are required to determine the degree of cross-linking. The long test duration results in a production risk for the manufacturer. more...

December 4. 2018 - Research news

Fig. 8: Temperature distribution of the NR20-sample during biaxial harmonic loading  with a strain amplitude of 60 % at 1 Hz at minimal and maximal strain of the 250th  loading cycle (left and middle) and curves of dissipative heating over time at different strains (right). Source: Leibniz-Institut Polymerforschung, Dresden

A new Biaxial Tester

Biaxial testing System for high static and dynamic Loading of Elastomers and its Applications

For the investigation of elastomers under near-realistic loading, a new Biaxial Tester was designed and tested. more...

June 21. 2018 - Research news

Bei Elastomeren wird über die Beschichtung vor allem der Reibungskoeffizient verringert, was auch zu einer stärkeren Vereinzelung der Dichtungen führt.  Bild: Trelleborg

Beschichtungsverfahren für medizintechnische Dichtungen

Just a thin coat

Big results can be obtained with the thinnest of coatings. At the nano-scale, an innovative surface treatment from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions significantly improves friction and stick-slip properties of elastomer seals while having little or no effect on the performance of the compounds the seals are made from. more...

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Fig. 3: Light flash   system LFA 467 Hyper- Flash® on the left and  laser flash system   LFA 457 MicroFlash®  on the right.

Laser Flash Analysis

Determination of the Thermal Diffusivity and Thermal Conductivity on Rubbers by means of Light/Laser Flash Analysis (LFA)

In order to get information about the heat transfer in materials, researchers and engineers have to select from a variety of test methods the most suitable one to characterize the thermophysical properties of substances and configurations of interest. For many material classes including polymers, the flash technique is an ideal choice to master these tasks. […] more...

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Aging and Resistance Studies of Elastomeric Materials

During their application, elastomeric materials are exposed to different environmental influences, which can be the reason for material changes known as „ageing“. Therefore, beside the general facts of ageing, this publication gives a short overview of a literature study regarding artificial ageing investigations. more...

October 7. 2014 - Research news

Foam Injection Molding

Foaming of Elastomers with physical blowing agents

Special injection molding processes are increasingly important in rubber processing. Foam injection molding of elastomers with physical blowing agents offers technological advantages and a wide range of adjustable mechanical part properties as well as economic incentives. more...

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