An einer vertikalen Spritzießmaschine in holmloser Bauweise hat der Compoundeur gemeinsam mit  den Experten für Gummi-Spritzgießprozesse die  TPE-Mischungen getestet. Bilder: alle Kraiburg TPE

TPE-Technologie für direkt angespritzte Eckverbindungen und Endstücke an EPDM Profilen

Adhesion of TPE to EPDM

Die Automobilindustrie ist der größte und am stärksten wachsende Markt für Thermoplastische Elastomere (TPE). Zu den neuesten Entwicklungen zählen unter anderem neue TPE-Compounds mit Haftung zu Ethylen-Propylen-Dien-Kautschuk (EPDM). Sie lassen sich im Spritzguss in vergleichsweise kurzen Zykluszeiten verarbeiten. Die Verarbeitung erfolgt bei im Vergleich zu Kautschuk geringen Temperaturen, was zudem die Kühlzeit verkürzt. Die TPEs sind UV- wie witterungsbeständig und zeigen ein geringes Foggingverhalten. more...

March 26. 2018 - Tires in

Fig. 1. Time line of Keltan EPDM: top: start-up of plants and company history;  bottom: technical innovations. Copyright: all Arlanxeo

Historical and technical Summary of Keltan Developments

Defining EPDM for the past and the next 50 years

In 1967 the first Keltan bale was produced in Geleen, the Netherlands. During the following five decades Keltan has realized continuous improvements regarding catalysis, process, product and application technology. Starting with the introduction of DCPD as diene and ending within the introduction of Keltan ACE catalysis for more sustainable production and the exploration of Eco bio-based EPDMs. Innovation combined with high EPDM quality, the broad portfolio, the technical service and the global presence has earned respect in the the rubber processing industry. more...

December 19. 2017 - Tires in

The business unit supplies the rubber industry with a broad range of predispersed polymer-bound additives, processing promoters, vulcanization and filler activators, anti-sun check waxes, release agents, tire marking paints and high-performance curing bladders. Picture: Lanxess


Single-release Inside Lubes for Cleaner Tire Production

The Lanxess Rhein Chemie Additives business unit will present a variety of solutions for tire-makers at the Tire Technology Expo. This includes its comprehensive portfolio of eco-friendly Rhenodiv tire release agents, Rhenomark tire marking paints, Rhenoshape tire curing bladders and Rhenogran aramid fiber masterbatches. more...

February 7. 2017 - Product Review

The International Institute of Synthetic Rubber Producers (IISRP) will honor two of its outstanding leaders, James L. McGraw (left), IISRP, and Dr. Guy Wouters (right), retired from ExxonMobil. (sorce: IISRP)


IISRP to honor synthetic rubber industry leaders

The International Institute of Synthetic Rubber Producers, Inc. (IISRP), in Texas, U.S.A., will honor two of its outstanding leaders at its next Annual General Meeting (AGM). James L. McGraw, IISRP, and Dr. Guy Wouters, retired from ExxonMobil. more...

November 13. 2015 - News


New fire retardant and drinking water compounds

Polycomp, Vorden, Netherlands, has developed a new fire retardant EPDM compound with excellent fire retardant properties. The LOI is with 34.7% very high, and smoke generation and toxicity of gases is very low. more...

June 25. 2015 - Product Review


Effect of uniaxial Deformation and Relaxation of Rubber/Carbon black Composites on their electrical Properties

Two composites with elastomeric matrices, namely EPDM and SBR, filled with elecroconductive carbon blacks were tested regarding the effect of mechanical deformation of the testing specimen on electrical conductivity of the material. Both decrease as well as increase of electric current was observed during the mechanical deformation or recovery. more...

May 19. 2015 - Research news

EPDM waste rubber

Recycling of EPDM Rubber Waste Powder by Activation with liquid Polymers

The recycling of ethylene-propylenediene- rubber (EPDM) waste was realized by activation of EPDM rubber waste particles surface with liquid EPDM polymers (LP) of low molecular weight. The optimal ratio of the waste EPDM rubber to LP was investigated whit regards to the original EPDM properties. more...

February 17. 2014 - Research news