K 2016: Toluene-free Primer for Silicone Composites

The adhesion promoter Wacker Primer G 790 from Wacker, Munich, has proven indispensable in many industrial sectors and applications for the pretreatment of metallic and hard non-metallic substrates. It helps to achieve a strong and permanent adhesive bond to liquid silicone rubbers and other addition-curing silicone rubber compounds. At K 2016, the corporate will launch a further development of the tried and tested adhesion promoter. more...

October 19. 2016 - Product Review

3D Druck mit Silicon, Prototyp, ACEO®, 3D printing with silicone. Bild: alle Wacker

3D Printer for Silicones

3D Printer for Silicones

Der Münchner Chemiekonzern Wacker präsentiert auf der K 2016 einen industriellen 3D-Drucker für Silikone. Das Gerät wird während der Messe in Betrieb sein und Teile aus Silikon drucken. Der Drucker zur additiven Fertigung von Bauteilen aus Silikon arbeitet nach dem Dropon-Demand-Verfahren. Vor allem für Entwickler aus der Automobil-, Luft- und Raumfahrtindustrie wird die Technik interessant sein. more...

October 19. 2016 - Tires in

Am neuen Standort in Kottingbrunn  können in Linien- und Taktfertigung Maschinen mit bis zu 460 Tonnen Schließkraft montiert werden. Bilder: alle Maplan

Neuer Standort, neues Werk, neue Strategie

Ergonomics and performance in focus

Das Maschinenbau-Unternehmen Maplan hat einen neuen Standort und die Chance für eine Neuausrichtung genutzt. Der größte Teil der Mitarbeiter und damit sehr viel Kompetenz folgten dem Untenehmen nach Kottingbrunn. Die Produktionskapazität wurde verdoppelt und die Taktfertigung verbessert die Durchlaufzeiten um 30 Prozent. Auf der K 2016 präsentieren die Experten Spritzgießmaschinen mit neuer Technik und aktuellem Design sowie eine neue webbasierte Steuerung. more...

October 10. 2016 - Tires in

The melt filter for film extrusion and PET processing (Reference: Ettlinger)

Melt Filters

Maximum filtration, minimal melt loss

The continuously operating ERF and ECO melt filters from Ettlinger, Königsbrunn, can be incorporated into almost any extrusion line. At the heart of both filter types is a rotating filter drum with conical perforations through which the contaminated melt flows from the outside to the inside. more...

October 6. 2016 - Product Review


K 2016: Distributor expands portfolio of PEEK-products

Bieglo, Hamburg, will present an enlarged portfolio of PEEK-products: From powder and granules to semi-finished and finished parts. Other polymers as PPSU, long-chain Polyamides, PETP and thermoset Polyimide from Saint-Gobain, USA, are also available. more...

October 6. 2016 - Product Review

"We have a number of pioneering innovations and visionary technology concepts up our sleeve for the K 2016 international show," explains Michael Hehl, Managing Partner and Spokesperson for the Arburg Management Team. (Resource: Arburg)

Injection Molding

K 2016: Trends in lightweight construction, LSR processing, packaging technology and more

A total of 27 Arburg machines will be on show at „K“ trade fair, presenting applications, processes and turnkey solutions for the efficient production of plastic parts – from single-unit to high-volume batches. Machine manufacturers like Arburg, Lossburg, are rebranding themselves as suppliers of flexible production systems for IT-networked production in the smart factory. At the fair an innovative application will be on show, which comprises a vertical Allrounder 375 V, a Freeformer and an automation solution. more...

October 6. 2016 - Product Review

The process controll balances out process fluctuations. (Reference: Engel)

Injection Molding

K 2016: Balances out process fluctuations before rejects are produced

Producing moulded parts of a consistently high quality shot by shot is the aim of every injection moulder. Simply using a precise injection moulding machine will not achieve this, however. Even minor changes in ambient conditions or in raw materials and wear have an effect and can mean that parameters need to be readjusted. more...

September 21. 2016 - Product Review