Fig. 6: Tensile strength values of NR vulcanizates before and after ageing at 70°C.

Peroxide-Vulcanizated NR

Thermal oxidative Behaviour of Peroxide crosslinked Natural Rubber

The thermal oxidative behaviour of natural rubber cured with four different peroxides namely 2,5-dimethyl-2,5-bis(tert-butylperoxy) hexane (DHBP), 1,1’-di(tert-butylperoxy)-3,3,5-trimethylcyclohexane (TMCH), 1,3 1,4-bis (tert-butyl peroxy isopropyl) benzene (DIPP) and dicumyl peroxide (DCP) was studied. more...

April 15. 2020 - Research news

Figure 3_relevant part of the sliced sample and position of the cutting planes along th rotor axis

Visualisation of the Flow paths

Flow Paths in a tangential internal Mixer as Optimisation Possibilities for Mixing of Rubber Compounds

Die Qualität eines Kautschukcompounds ist neben dem verwendeten Kautschuk unter anderem von den eingesetzten Füllstoffen, Additiven und Vernetzungschemikalien sowie dem Mischprozess abhängig. Kautschukmischungen werden vornehmlich in Innenmischern produziert. more...

March 19. 2020 - Research news

Wittek 1


Approach for additive Manufacturing of high-viscosity, curable Rubbers by AME Processing (Additive Manufacturing of Elastomers) – Rubber 3D

Additive Manufacturing of plastic or metal parts is state of the art. But in order to use different materials there is still a great need for development. more...

June 21. 2019 - Research news

Fig. 1: Schematic representation of a  tire cross section highlighting the cyclic sidewall deformation.

Mechanical Proberties of Rubber Composites

Oscillating Buckling Dynamometry (OBD) of textile reinforced Rubber Laminates

The dynamic response of reinforced rubber laminates is related to the viscoelastic properties of the constituent materials and to their distribution within the thickness in a quite complex manner. more...

June 21. 2019 - Research news

Fig. 5: SEM images of a) the NS composite with different PF contents and  b) the NS composite with urea contents at 5% PF.

Biopolymer Composite

A Novel Composite form Waste Paper Fiber and modified Starch for potted plant Application

The objective of this work was to study the preparation and properties of a novel biopolymer composite produced from waste paper (PF) and natural rubber-graft-cassava starch (NS) made by using water based route potted plant application. more...

April 16. 2019 - Research news

Fig. 2: (a) S-XANES spectra of the unextracted sulfur cross-linked IR and the references for the linear combination fitting method.

Spectroscopy of a sulfidic structure of isoprene rubber (IR)

Effect of solvent Extractions on a linear Combination fitting in sulfur K-edge X-ray Absorption near edge structure Spectroscopy for Sulfur cross-linked Rubber

Necessity of solvent extractions in the linear combination fitting method of sulfur K-edge X-ray absorption near edge structure (S-XANES) spectroscopy is described for evaluation of a sulfidic structure of isoprene rubber (IR) vulcanizate prepared using N-(1,3-benzothiazol-2-ylsulfanyl)cyclohexanamine as an accelerator, and zinc oxide and stearic acid as activators. more...

June 20. 2018 - Research news

Fig. 1: Temperature dependences of PFs for PIR with various content of 6PPD.

Synergy/antagonism in the stabilizer mixture

Performance of Antioxidants for Rubber Matrices evaluated by differential Scanning Calorimetry

The aim of this paper is to present a method for the evaluation of the stabilizing effect of various antioxidants and their mixtures in rubber matrices. more...

May 17. 2018 - Research news


Crack Propagation of Vulcanized Rubber

Ozone-Resistivity of Isoprene Rubber mixed with a Wax as an Antiozonant at below Freezing

Effect of wax on the ozone resistance of vulcanized natural rubber (NR) and vulcanized isoprene rubber (IR) was investigated by observing crack propagation of the vulcanized rubbers at 40°C and -30°C under 50 pphm ozone atmosphere. The ozone exposure test for the vulcanized rubbers was performed, after the wax bloomed at 40°C under a strain of 0.2. more...

March 12. 2018 - Research news


Size exclusion chromatography and EPR-spectroscopy

Mechanochemical Halide Modification of Butyl Rubber by Means of Swelling

In the present work the process of mechanochemical halide modification was investigated. By means of size exclusion chromatography and EPR-spectroscopy it was found, that when swell-ing in a solvent, mechanical degradation of the macro molecules of the rubber into macro radi-cals occurred. more...

August 4. 2017 - Research news


Layered Silicates and organoclay-Additive

A Short Review on Hybrid Clay/Rubber Nanocomposites

The review is particularly focused on clay (layered silicates), organoclay and rubber nanocomposites reported in the period from 2005 to 2015. The review covers the investigations carried out on the preparation techniques, modifications with several chemical compounds as quaternary alkylammonium salts and also biomolecules as enzymes that provide applicability in a variety of fields of […] more...

June 6. 2016 - Research news

Bildquelle: Prof. Nikolay Dishovsky, Ph.D, DSc. University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy Dept. Polymer Engineering 1756 Sofia, Bulgaria

Carbon-Silica Hybrid Fillers

Comparative Study of the Phase Distribution in Carbon-Silica Hybrid Fillers for Rubber obtained by different Impregnation Technologies

Dual phase fillers of the type carbon black-silica have been prepared by two different technologies. more...

May 2. 2016 - Research news


Lehigh Technologies starts subsidiary in Spain

Lehigh Technologies, a US-based company that produces micronized rubber powders (MRP) from waste rubber materials, announced the formal opening of their subsidiary Lehigh Spain in Barcelona. The subsidiary enhances global access to MRP. more...

June 18. 2015 - News


Fundamental Study and alternative Methods for the Evaluation of the Wall-Slipping Effect for Highly Viscose Rubber Mixtures

The phenomenon of wall-slipping is particularly common in rubber mixtures and represents a difficult flow anomaly to be described. In the literature exist neither a uniform model concept nor reliable measuring methods for the detection and quantification of wallslipping. more...

December 8. 2014 - Research news


Polystyrene-Butadiene grafted Imide-Imine for Enhancing Adhesion between Rubber and Polypropylene fibers

Acrylic acid reacted with ethylene diamine to give amide- imine oligomer. This oligomer was grafted to polystyrene-butadiene rubber. The oligomer structure was elucidated using FT-IR, 1H- NMR, 13C-NMR and mass spectroscopy. more...

October 7. 2014 - Research news

Additives & Fillers

Graphene Reinforced Synthetic Isoprene Rubber Nanocomposites

Nanofillers have been investigated recently to improve desired characteristic properties of rubber nanocomposites. In this work, commercially available exfoliated Graphene nanoPlatlets (xGnPs) of types xg C750 and xg M5 were used as nanofillers and N234 was used as a traditional filler. more...

October 7. 2014 - Research news