Das kautschukmodifizierte und faserverstärkte Polyamid zeichnet sich durch eine herausragende Charpy-Kerbschlagzähigkeit bei Kälte aus. Bildquelle: Lanxess

Rubber modification increases notch impact resistance

Rubber modification increases notch impact resistance

Lanxess developed Durethan BKV 235 H2.0 XCP specifically for oil pans that have to offer high resistance to stone impact and the underbody hitting the ground, and that are not otherwise protected by sheet metal or other cover materials. The polyamide is rubber-modified and reinforced with 35 percent special short glass fibers. more...

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Functionalization of Ethylene- Propylene Rubbers with Carboxyl Groups and Properties of obtained Materials

The methods of the functionalization of ethylene-propylene (EPM) and ethylene- propylene-diene (EPDM) rubbers with carboxyl groups were elaborated. These methods are based on the radical initiated grafting of selected unsaturated carboxylated modifiers on rubbers. more...

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