Layered Silicates and organoclay-Additive

A Short Review on Hybrid Clay/Rubber Nanocomposites

The review is particularly focused on clay (layered silicates), organoclay and rubber nanocomposites reported in the period from 2005 to 2015. The review covers the investigations carried out on the preparation techniques, modifications with several chemical compounds as quaternary alkylammonium salts and also biomolecules as enzymes that provide applicability in a variety of fields of […] more...

June 6. 2016 - Research news


Effects of TESPT loading and mixing Condition on Properties of Silica-filled HNBR cured with Peroxide: Correlation of Bound Rubber Content, viscoelastic and mechanical Properties

Two different mixing conditions, i.e., normal condition (low mixing temperature/short mixing time) and extreme condition (high mixing temperature/ long mixing time), were employed for sample preparation. It was found that mixing at the extreme condition yielded significantly increased rubber-filler interaction. more...

February 12. 2015 - Research news