Fig. 3: Schematic view of a void volume measurement system including filler sample. Source: Anke Blume, University of Twente

Abrasion resistance of silica filled passenger car tire tread compounds

Void Volume Measurement – an alternative Approach to Determine the Initial Structure of Silica

To improve the abrasion resistance of silica filled passenger car tire tread compounds a good dispersion and distribution of the silica in the rubber matrix is required. From the literature it is known that the structure of fillers affects the dispersion process. more...

June 19. 2018 - Research news

Self-sealing tires make spare wheels redundant .(Bildquelle: Lanxess)

Arlanxeo at Tire Technolgy Expo 2018

Rubber Compound for self-sealing Tires

Arlanxeo has developed a rubber compound that can be used in the future to seal tires. This solution for so-called self-sealing tires replaces the spare wheel and also presents an alternative to a repair kit or run-flat tire. An appropriate rubber compound, which is applied on the interior of the vehicle tire, enables holes occurring in the tire to be automatically sealed, so the driver can continue driving. Arlanxeo is presenting the development at Tire Technolgy Expo 2018, Booth 4014. more...

February 21. 2018 - Product Review

Trinseo has build a pilto plant, which will deliver sufficient quantities of dieverse S-SBR formulations reqquired for real-life tire Testing.  Bildquelle:

Trinseo at Tire Technology Expo

S-SBR for Energy-efficient and Safe Tires

At Tire Technology Expo Trinseo presents innovative S-SBR grades that address a diverse set of market needs, balancing energy efficiency with good processability. Attendees will also receive an update on other key elements of Trinseo’s strong customer focus – the new S-SBR pilot plant and the capacity expansion at the manufacturing plant in Schkopau, Germany. more...

February 21. 2018 - Product Review

Asahi Kasai_Tire technology Expo

Asahi Kasei at Tire Technology Expo 2018

Functionalised S-SBR types for overall improved tire performance

Demand for tires that provide enhanced fuel-efficiency has been growing rapidly and is forecasted to continue to do so as tire production in emerging countries grows in line with greater motorization and as environmental regulations around the world become increasingly stringent. more...

February 19. 2018 - Product Review


Vulcanization of silica-filled car tread compounds

Rhenocure DR – A New Secondary Accelerator for Rubber

Diphenyl guanidine (DPG) is the most used secondary accelerator in silica filled passenger car tread compounds Beside its function as secondary accelerator DPG acts in this application also as a processing aid. A problem accompanied with DPG is that it releases carcinogenic aniline during the vulcanization process. Several solutions are available to replace DPG like […] more...

February 7. 2018 - Research news

Bild: - Thomas Söllner

Anspruchsvolle Rezepturen erfordern eine hochentwickelte Mischtechnik

Das Tandemverfahren revolutioniert die Reifenindustrie

Die Anforderungen an Reifenmischungen steigen und ab 2020 soll der Kraftstoffverbrauch nochmals um 20 Prozent sinken. Dafür notwendig sind komplexe Kautschukrezepturen für Reifen, in denen wahrscheinlich flüssige Polymere, neue Füllstofftypen und sonstige Zusatzstoffe eine wichtige Rolle spielen. Schon jetzt hat das Tandemverfahren den Mischprozess erheblich verbessert. In Zukunft müssen die Maschinen bezüglich Dispersion, Distribution, Temperaturkontrolle und Prozesskonstanz bei verbesserter Wirtschaftlichkeit weiter optimiert werden. more...

February 2. 2018 - Tires in

Kiseselsäure senkt den Rollwiderstand in Reifen. (Bildquelle: You can more_ -

Tire Technology Expo News and Products

Products presented at Tire Technology Expo 2018

News and products presented at Tire Technology Expo 2018. Here you find an extract from new analysis technologies, raw materials, rubber processing machines and automations solutions for the tire industry. more...

January 18. 2018 - Product Review


Tire Technology Expo 2018

Tire Technology Expo 2018 with more than 280 Exhibitors

After 2017 in Hannover (the 17th year of this industry-leading show in Europe), Tire Technology Expo will return to the Deutsche Messe in Hannover for three days on 20-22 February 2018. With the floor space now increased to 20,000 m2, show organiser, UKi Media & Events, expects the event to be even bigger than in 2017, with an overall attendance beyond 6,000. more...

January 18. 2018 - News

Die zwei Kunststoffkomponenten sind im Spritzguss miteinander verbunden, so dass ein Montageschritt entfällt. Bildquelle: BASF

Abrasion-resistant, low temperature flexible TPU

Plastic with a cold grip

Even at low temperatures plastic can efficiently substitute metal: the French textile and rubber company Joubert Productions, Ambert, is for the first time putting snow chains on the market whose chain links are made entirely from plastic. more...

March 7. 2017 - Tires in


Silane-based Additives

Reinforcement Efficiency of Silica in Dependence of different Types of Silane Coupling Agents in Natural Rubber-based Tire Compounds

The effects of 3-Octanoylthio-1-propyltriethoxysilane (NXT), 3-mercaptopropyl-di(tridecan-1-oxy-13-penta (ethylen-eoxide)) ethoxysilane (VP Si-363) and vinyltriethoxysilane (VTES) on the properties of silicafilled NR compounds are studied in comparison with bis-(trieth-oxysilylpropyl) tetrasulfide (TESPT). more...

May 4. 2016 - Research news

Parameter Optimization of Finite Element Tire Models

Simulation of Tire Models

Parameter Optimization of Finite Element Tire Models

Tire models are used for several applications in the field of vehicle dynamics and tire construction. more...

March 24. 2016 - Research news


The Tyre Industry

More than a Century of Innovation and still not Slowing Down

The Tyre Industry Industry would not be where it is today, if it was not for tyres. Mass transportation – except for trains and ships, perhaps – would not be possible. Personal transportation would not allow for the speeds we drive today. Trucks would not be able to carry the load they carry, if it was not for tyres. Planes could not lift off or land without these black donuts. more...

February 8. 2016 - Tires in

Jozef Pelc_Unbenannt


Simulation of Tire-Road static Interaction of all-Steel Pneumatic Truck Tire

A source of the specific properties of the cord-rubber tire composite and difficulties encountered in the analysis of deformation of a pneumatic tire are pointed out. A method is proposed for modeling of deformation of the tire that provides valuable results from the tire designer’s point of view. As a result of simulation of the […] more...

February 1. 2016 - Research news

Dina Gabriel und Dr. Alexander Karbach haben die Rasterkraftmikroskopie für die Materialanalyse von Reifen weiterentwickelt.

Analysis of Tire Components

Analysis of Tire Components

Modern atomic force microscopes also offers the opportunity to locate components in rubber mixtures accurately. The Laboratory for surface and solid analysis of Currenta in Leverkusen has applied successfully this measurement technology for the development of tires. For other products, polymer-based, this method yields great potential. more...

October 13. 2015 - Tires in