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ISA-Measuringof the Crack Initiation Energy

Efficient Method for Characterizing the Service Lifetime of Rubber Seals

Seal applications require rubber compounds capable to endure numerous cycles of deformation without crack initiation. more...

October 1. 2020 - Research news

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Ternary rubber composites NR/SBR/NBR

Effect of Filler Loading on curing Characteristics and physical Properties of Ternary Rubber Blend Composites

This study investigates the effect of carbon black (CB) filler loading on the mechanical and rheological properties of natural rubber (NR) / styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR)/ acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber (NBR) ternary rubber composites. Physico-mechanical properties such as tensile strength, modulus, stress, elongation at break , tear strength, compression stress, and crosslink density were studied. more...

September 8. 2020 - Research news

Gert Heinrich_Leibniz Institut

Chip & Cut Analyzer (ICCA)

Chip & Cut Wear of Truck Tire Treads: Comparison between laboratory and real Tire Testing

Tire treads are exposed to rolling and sliding impacts leading to damages, which are known as Chip and Cut (CC) effects. A reliable prediction of the CC behaviour of new designed tire tread compounds is very difficult without field tests. more...

June 18. 2020 - Research news

Fig. 1: Uncovered load bearing elements of bias truck tire.

The influence of neglecting cord shrinkage and cord characteristic linearization on simulation results

Burst Test Simulation for bias Truck Tire

A model of a pneumatic bias tire based on the technique of overlaying the orthotropic reinforcing elements on isotropic rubber elements is presented. more...

September 13. 2019 - Research news

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Approach for additive Manufacturing of high-viscosity, curable Rubbers by AME Processing (Additive Manufacturing of Elastomers) – Rubber 3D

Additive Manufacturing of plastic or metal parts is state of the art. But in order to use different materials there is still a great need for development. more...

June 21. 2019 - Research news

Fig. 1: Schematic representation of a  tire cross section highlighting the cyclic sidewall deformation.

Mechanical Proberties of Rubber Composites

Oscillating Buckling Dynamometry (OBD) of textile reinforced Rubber Laminates

The dynamic response of reinforced rubber laminates is related to the viscoelastic properties of the constituent materials and to their distribution within the thickness in a quite complex manner. more...

June 21. 2019 - Research news

Fig. 5: SEM images of a) the NS composite with different PF contents and  b) the NS composite with urea contents at 5% PF.

Biopolymer Composite

A Novel Composite form Waste Paper Fiber and modified Starch for potted plant Application

The objective of this work was to study the preparation and properties of a novel biopolymer composite produced from waste paper (PF) and natural rubber-graft-cassava starch (NS) made by using water based route potted plant application. more...

April 16. 2019 - Research news

Fig. 1: Illustration of compression set tests described in ISO 815-1.

Compression Set

Rubber Sealing Performance Analysis – Comparison of Testing Techniques

Change in compression set of an elastomeric product with respect to time shows long-term sealing behavior of the material and indicates the quality of the product. more...

March 20. 2019 - Research news

Abb. 1: Schematische Darstellung der Bindungsmechanismen von Füllstoff zur Polymermatrix.

Acrylonitrile butadiene Rubber (NBR) in sealing Applications

Influence of fillers on the mechanical and tribological properties of acrylo-nitrile-butadiene-vulcanisates (NBR)

Acrylonitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) in sealing applications are highly reinforced with various fillers to improve their end-use properties. more...

December 5. 2018 - Research news

NEU_Figure 1

Mini Review

Review – The Importance of Zinc Oxide (ZnO) in Rubber Technology

Zinc oxide (ZnO) is one of the most important compounding ingredient in rubber technology. more...

October 9. 2018 - Research news

Fig. 6: Mooney-Rivlin material calibration.

Analyzing Stress States

Efficient Material Parameter Calibration of Elastomer Specimen in uniaxial Tension, planar Shear and equibiaxial Tension

For analyzing arbitrary static 3D stress states in solid rubber compounds, three different material tests are performed. more...

July 26. 2018 - Research news

Fig. 2: (a) S-XANES spectra of the unextracted sulfur cross-linked IR and the references for the linear combination fitting method.

Spectroscopy of a sulfidic structure of isoprene rubber (IR)

Effect of solvent Extractions on a linear Combination fitting in sulfur K-edge X-ray Absorption near edge structure Spectroscopy for Sulfur cross-linked Rubber

Necessity of solvent extractions in the linear combination fitting method of sulfur K-edge X-ray absorption near edge structure (S-XANES) spectroscopy is described for evaluation of a sulfidic structure of isoprene rubber (IR) vulcanizate prepared using N-(1,3-benzothiazol-2-ylsulfanyl)cyclohexanamine as an accelerator, and zinc oxide and stearic acid as activators. more...

June 20. 2018 - Research news

Fig. 1: Temperature dependences of PFs for PIR with various content of 6PPD.

Synergy/antagonism in the stabilizer mixture

Performance of Antioxidants for Rubber Matrices evaluated by differential Scanning Calorimetry

The aim of this paper is to present a method for the evaluation of the stabilizing effect of various antioxidants and their mixtures in rubber matrices. more...

May 17. 2018 - Research news

Matthias Kröger_

Physical Effekts of Adhesion

Adhesion of Rubber on smooth and rough Surfaces

Adhesion between rubber and counterpart is strongly influenced by roughness. more...

April 16. 2018 - Research news


SBR/BR Mooney Viscosity, SEM, DSC

Properties of Natural and Styrene-Butadiene Rubbers with Butadiene Rubber Blends I

Blending of rubbers is often used to enhance the properties of rubber products. This study deals with blends containing rubber only because of the elimination of the potential side effects of the additives. more...

March 12. 2018 - Research news