Thermoplastische Elastomere


Influencing the anisotropic material behavour of TPV

Characterization of anisotropic material behavior of injection moulded TPV-products

Thermoplastic vulcanizates show a strong anisotropy in their material properties after injection moulding. For example, mechanical properties like stiffness or strength can differ longitudinally or transversely to the flow direction by a factor of two. In a research project important factors (process, material, geometry) influencing the anisotropic material behaviour of TPV were identified. With the […] more...

October 7. 2016 - Research news

Fig. 1: Example of DRS spectrum of Engage 8200 elastomers. The graphs of the spectrum are set for the next film, and radiation-treated and non-irradiated samples of aged. To facilitate the analysis of the results in terms of impact on the radiolysis addition of peroxide and vulcanization summarizes the spectrum for different film irradiated with the same dose.

Cross-linking of Elastomers

The Comparison of Radiation and a Peroxide Crosslinking of Elastomers

Radiation crosslinking of elastomers is an interesting example of a modification of polymers by means of ionizing radiation. The practical significance of crosslinking can be connected to traditional (using peroxides) with radiation treatment. The aim of this study was to describe the phenomenon of mixed radiation/peroxide and peroxide/radiation crosslinking thermoplastic elastomers Engage 8200 [1, 2, 3]. more...

December 16. 2015 - Research news