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Verkürzte Entwicklung, zuverlässiger Prozess

Precise and Quick Face Mask Production With Virtual Molding

In der Kunststoffindustrie sind iterative Schritte in der Artikel- und Werkzeugentwicklung die Regel. Diese können durch Simulation deutlich verkürzt oder vermieden werden. Eine Simulation des Prozesses, egal ob es um die Auslegung eines neuen oder die Optimierung eines bestehenden Prozesses geht, spart nicht nur Kosten und Ressourcen, sie führt auch schneller zum Ziel – das ist wichtig, wenn der Termindruck hoch ist. more...

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2-Komponenten-Werkzeugtechnik für Silikonspritzguss

LSR Processes Set-up Virtually Testing new concepts

During the processing of liquid silicone rubber (LSR) Sigmasoft Virtual Molding is a vital tool. Because of their particular rheology and cross linking kinetics, LSRs only allow for a narrow processing window and thus present some challenges to the processor. These circumstances have however motivated a number of innovations, to fully exploit the potential of […] more...

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'Ursula',  a carry mesh for bottles, was named in reference to the Bond Girl Ursula Andress.

More transparent LSR processes with Virtual Molding

To Pass a Long Way

As LIM processes can be quite challenging a thorough understanding of not only the part, but of the whole mold and process are essential for molders to stay competitive. With the help of the Virtual Molding approach one can look into the process upfront and make secure decisions on material, mold and process. more...

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Upfront mold optimization for LSR applications with virtual molding

From X-shaped to Cold Runner Layout with Virtual Molding

In a four-cavity LSR mold, CVA Silicones, from France, was able to reduce scrap production, optimize thermal layout and avoid costly quality issues by using virtual molding software. more...

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