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13. Mär. 2020 | 09:10 Uhr
Characterization of durability

The Behavior of Elastomer Bushings in Chassis Systems for Operating

Elastomerlager im Fahrwerk verhalten sich bei Betriebs- und Sonderlasten in der Betriebsfestigkeit stark nichtlinear. Die Kenntnis vom Übertragungsverhalten der Lager ist ein essentieller Baustein für die simulative Prognose von auslegungsrelevanten Last-Zeit-Reihen. Die Charakterisierung der Elastomerlager im hohen Lastbereich zeigt einen ausgeprägten Mullins-Effekt.Weiterlesen...

18. Feb. 2020 | 06:57 Uhr

Tribological Performance of Automotive Friction Nano Composites: Epoxy/Silica/Cu

13. Feb. 2020 | 06:28 Uhr
Indumathy_Figure 1
Tire Rubber Componding

Effect of a Polydimethylsiloxane and Polyisobutylene Succinic anhydride on the mechanical and dynamic Properties of Silica filled SBR Compounds

12. Feb. 2020 | 06:15 Uhr
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ENR – a sustainable Rubber Solution for Tire Formulations

Epoxidized Natural Rubber with Surface-modified Silica as a Filler

The current discussion about environmental influences of microplastics and tire-road wear grew interest in naturally grown rubber as a replacement for synthetic rubber recently. Besides Natural Rubber in its variety of grades special rubbers with a high glass transition temperature are needed to produce acceptable properties for many applications. Epoxidized Natural Rubber (ENR) could be a candidate. The use of tailor-made surface-modified silica grades in ENR greatly improves abrasion values.Weiterlesen...

10. Feb. 2020 | 06:35 Uhr
Braeuer_Abb 1
Lightweight -Design with Elastomers

Metal-Plastic-Composites with an elastic intermediate Layer – Production by means of Press-Injection Molding Process or Sandwich-Injection Molding

05. Feb. 2020 | 11:38 Uhr
Drahomir_Figure 1
Ageing due to Rubber Poisons

The Role of Copper Compounds as Thermooxidation Catalysts

03. Feb. 2020 | 13:08 Uhr
Heinrich_Figure 3
Physical Phenomena in Rubber Seals

Fluid Dynamics at the Interface between Soft Elastic Solids

17. Dez. 2019 | 12:46 Uhr
Der Konzeptreifen ‚Large & Narrow‘ von Bridgestone gehört zu einer neuen Reifenkategorie, durch die Autos noch mehr Kraftstoff als bisher einsparen können; zudem hat der Reifen eine leicht verbesserte Nasshaftung

Bridgestone announces Susym – a Polymer that Bonds Rubbers and Resins on the Molecular Level

Bridgestone Corporation announced that the name for the world‘s first polymer that bonds rubbers and resins on the molecular level is Susym. The next-generation polymer material can be used not only for tyres but also in other applications.Weiterlesen...

11. Dez. 2019 | 13:05 Uhr

Modification of Ground Rubber with Conventional Fillers by Process Engineering

Carbon black loaded elastomer materials were ground into small rubber particles and covered in situ with conventional fillers like carbon black and hydrophobated silica.Weiterlesen...

11. Dez. 2019 | 11:17 Uhr
Thakur_Figure 1
Peroxide-based Compounds

Development of High Temperature Resistant Coolant Hose Compounds with EPDM

Ethylene Propylene Diene (EPDM) rubber is widely used to produce under-the-hood radiator hoses for the automotive industry.Weiterlesen...