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09. Sep. 2020 | 06:27 Uhr
Wang_Part !
Eco-Visco-Elastomer Composite

Silica-Filled Masterbatches produced with Liquid Phase Mixing Part I: Characterization

New rubber/silica masterbatches named EVEC (Eco-Visco-Elastomer Composite) are compounds manufactured using a continuous liquid phase mixing process.Weiterlesen...

08. Sep. 2020 | 06:29 Uhr
Abdelsalam_Fig 1
Ternary rubber composites NR/SBR/NBR

Effect of Filler Loading on curing Characteristics and physical Properties of Ternary Rubber Blend Composites

This study investigates the effect of carbon black (CB) filler loading on the mechanical and rheological properties of natural rubber (NR) / styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR)/ acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber (NBR) ternary rubber composites. Physico-mechanical properties such as tensile strength, modulus, stress, elongation at break , tear strength, compression stress, and crosslink density were studied.Weiterlesen...

04. Sep. 2020 | 06:18 Uhr
Rubber for electric cable

Study of Wear and Friction Behavior of HDPE-Composite filled by CNTs

Single and multi-walled carbon nanotubes are used in this paper as a filler material to of high density polyethylene.Weiterlesen...

03. Sep. 2020 | 09:57 Uhr
Rubber for current-carrying applications

New EPDM Grade Keltan 2470E for excellent electrical Performance in Wire and Cable Applications

Keltan 2470E is a new EPDM grade developed to satisfy the specific requirements of electrical wire and cable applications and was launched to market in 2018.Weiterlesen...

06. Aug. 2020 | 10:18 Uhr
Kumar_Figure 4
Evaluation has been made between TMTD-CBS and BPTD-CBS binary accelerators systems

Exploring the Synergism of Nitro­samine-safe Bis (N-benzyl piperazino) Thiuram Disulfide (BPTD) and N-Cyclohexyl-2-Benzothiazole Sulfenamide (CBS) in the natural Rubber Vulcanization

The synergistic activity of one novel nitrosamine-safe thiuram disulfide, namely Bis-(N-benzyl piperazino) thiuram disulfide (BPTD) in combination with CBS is investigated.Weiterlesen...

05. Aug. 2020 | 11:31 Uhr
Nehad_Figure 1
Advantages over conventional composites

Study and Improvement of the electrical Properties of Polyester Composites

Styrenated polyester reinforced with small amounts of well dispersed nanoparticles of fumed silica, mica and graphite with the aim to offer advantages over conventional composites.Weiterlesen...

05. Aug. 2020 | 10:56 Uhr
Kracalik_Bild 1b
Improving the processing and application properties of polymer nanocomposites intensively investigated

Advantages of new rheological Evaluation Methodology for polymeric Nanocomposites

Rheology of dispersive polymeric systems has typically been described by evaluating the viscosity curve (shear thinning phenomenon), storage modulus curve (formation of a secondary plateau), or analysing the information on the damping behavior (e.g., Van Gurp-Palmen plot, comparison of loss factor tan δ).Weiterlesen...

05. Aug. 2020 | 09:14 Uhr
Dinc_Figure 1
The reaction of polyol conversion

Chemical Recycling of Polyurethane Foam Waste with Glycolysis by Using Zeolite Catalysts

The effect of different ratios of Ca-zeolite and Na- zeolite catalysts in the glycolysis reaction for the chemical recovery of polyol from flexible polyurethane (PU) foams were investigatedWeiterlesen...

04. Aug. 2020 | 10:16 Uhr
Omelan_Figure 13
A significant shift of the percolation

Development of soft electrical conductive PDMS/CNT-Composites with extremely low CNT Content

In order to create electrical conductive polydimethylsiloxane/carbon nanotube-composites with high flexibility, it is inevitable to minimize the filler content.Weiterlesen...

18. Jun. 2020 | 06:22 Uhr
Gert Heinrich_Leibniz Institut
Chip & Cut Analyzer (ICCA)

Chip & Cut Wear of Truck Tire Treads: Comparison between laboratory and real Tire Testing

Tire treads are exposed to rolling and sliding impacts leading to damages, which are known as Chip and Cut (CC) effects. A reliable prediction of the CC behaviour of new designed tire tread compounds is very difficult without field tests.Weiterlesen...