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Eine experimentelle Studie im hörbaren Frequenzbereich an magnetsensitivem Gummi

Investigation in the audible Frequency Range of magnetosensitive Rubber

An experimental study is conducted where the prestrain dependence of magnetosensitive rubber in the audible frequency range is studied along with the dependence of the dynamic strain amplitude, frequency and magnetic field strength. The material is natural rubber with a 33% volume particle fraction of irregularly shaped iron metal particles. The results show that with […] mehr...

9.Oktober 2012 - Neues aus der Forschung

Eigenschaften von gereinigtem peroxidisch vernetztem Naturkautschuk

Properties of Peroxide Cured Highly Purified Natural Rubber

Highly purified natural rubbers (HPNR) were prepared by saponification of fresh latex (FL-latex) in the presence of surfactant. It was found that nitrogen content markedly decreased from 0.86% to 0.1% after the process. Nitrosamine free vulcanized rubber could be prepared by peroxide curing system to give a same level of physical properties as those of […] mehr...

9.Oktober 2012 - Neues aus der Forschung

Neuartiges Konzept zur experimentellen Bestimmung der dynamischen Rissausbreitung in Elastomeren

A New Testing Concept for Determination of Dynamic Crack Propagation in Rubber Materials

The present paper proposes a new fracture mechanical testing concept for determination of dynamic crack propagation of rubber materials based on the method of simultaneous SENT- and pure-shear-mode testing. The fracture mechanic‘s approach is based on the definition of pure-shear states according to the test specimen‘s geometry ratio L0:W. We show how the tearing energy, […] mehr...

18.September 2012 - Neues aus der Forschung

Einfluss von ZnO mit unterschiedlicher Spezifischer Oberfläche auf die Vernetzung und den mechanischen Eigenschaften von rußgefüllten NR/SBR Mischungen

Effect of ZnO with Different Specific surface area on the Cure Characteristics and Mechanical Properties of Carbon Black-filled NR/SBR Compounds

Zinc oxide significantly influences the properties of rubber, both in terms of processing parameters of rubber compounds, and physical-mechanical properties. This paper presents a comparison of five types of zinc oxide with different Specific surface area. Using these types of ZnO, compounds combining NR and SBR were prepared. These compounds were vulcanized at 150 °C. […] mehr...

18.September 2012 - Neues aus der Forschung

Vorbeugung von rutschunfällen durch Kautschukbodenbeläge

Prevention of Slip Accidents by using Floor Mat

There is an increasing demand to eliminate slip and fall in bathrooms. Wet ceramic surfaces usually promote slips and occasionally lead to indoor accidents. The present work aims to test the frictional behaviour of rubber mats made of recycled rubber and filled by polyurethane of different hardness to have specific information about theirfriction coefficient and […] mehr...

18.September 2012 - Neues aus der Forschung

Untersuchung zum mechanischen Einfluss von CaCO3 in Polyethylen

The Investigation of Mechanical Behavior of CaCO³ in Polyethylenes

The aim of this study is to investigate the mechanical behavior of calcium carbonate in high-density polyethylene (HDPE) under uniaxial tension loading. The specimens are prepared to consist of 5%, 10% and 20% calcium carbonate in HDPE. The tests are conducted in two steps. Firstly, loading and unloading tensile tests are performed at E-3 1/s […] mehr...

18.September 2012 - Neues aus der Forschung

Oberflächenmodifizierung und Quelleigenschaften von biologisch abbaubaren Verschnitten aus PVA, Stärke und epoxidierten Naturkautschuk

Surface Modification and Swelling behavior of biodegradable polymer Blends from PVA, starch and epoxidized natural Rubber

Biodegradable polymer blends based on poly (vinyl alcohol ) PVA, starch and epoxidized ENR natural rubber have been prepared. The polymer blend has been chemically surface modified by application of glutaraldehyde and formaldehyde in order to reduce water swelling.The modified polymer blend film has been investigated by swelling ratioin water, tensile strength, contact angle measurements […] mehr...

18.September 2012 - Neues aus der Forschung

Verarbeitungseigenschaften asiatischer und afrikanischer Naturkautschuksorten II – Kautschukmischungen und Vulkanisate

Processing properties of Asian and African natural Rubbers II – Rubber Mixtures and Vulcanisates

The prediction of rubber compound behaviour during industrial processing based on a few simple laboratory tests is not always a reliable. African and Asian natural rubbers were tested by ‘traditional‘ (Mooney viscometer, Wallace plastometer) and ‘new‘ (Rubber Process Analyser) instruments. The laboratory extrusion test was used to represent industrial processing machinery. Several convincing correlations were […] mehr...

18.September 2012 - Neues aus der Forschung

Pfropfen von Acrylsäure auf Naturkautschuk und epoxidierten Naturkautschuk mittel UV-Bestrahlung

Acrylic Acid Grafting on Natural Rubber and Epoxidized Natural Rubber Sheet by UV-Irradiation

The surface of natural rubber (NR) and epoxidized natural rubber (ENR) sheet modified with acrylic acid (ACC) and benzoyl peroxide as an initiator under UV irradiation to obtain NR-g-ACC and ENR-g-ACC sheet. The chemical structure of NR-g-ACC and ENR-g-ACC was confirmed by ATR-FTIR at 1740 (carbonyl group) and 3440 (hydroxyl) cm-1. The mechanical properties of […] mehr...

15.August 2012 - Neues aus der Forschung

Verbesserung der Hochtemperaturbeständigkeit von ionischen Elastomeren

Improving high Temperatures performance of Ionic Elastomers

A new material based on both type of cross-links, ionic and covalent, is proposed in this work combining the excellent properties of ionic elastomers at room temperature while maintaining them stable at high temperatures due to the presence of covalent bonds. The studied polymer matrix was based on carboxylated nitrile rubber (XNBR), which can be […] mehr...

15.August 2012 - Neues aus der Forschung

Hoch leitfähige Polychloropren Komposite auf der Basis von mehrwandigen Kohlenstoffröhren und 1-butyl 3-methyl imidazolium bis (trifluormethylsulphonyl)imid

Highly conducting polychloroprene Composites based on multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes and 1-butyl 3-Methyl imidazolium bis(trifluoromethylsulphonyl)imide

Highly conducting flexible polychloroprene composites are prepared based on a novel mixing technique using ionic liquid (IL) modified multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs). A conductivity of 0.1 S/cm is achieved for composites even at a low concentration of the tubes (5 phr). Extremely fine dispersion and a strong tube-tube networking of modified carbon nanotubes (M-CNTs), which […] mehr...

15.August 2012 - Neues aus der Forschung

Über Diels-Alder Cycloaddition hergestellte Netzpolymere: Mechanische Eigenschaften und Reparaturfähigkeit

Network Polymers crosslinked by Diels-Alder Cycloaddition: Mechanical Properties and Mendability

Network polymers were synthesized from mixtures of bis-furan, F2, bis-maleimide, M2, and tris-maleimide, M3. As F2, bis(furfuryl ether), eF2, and bis(N-furfuryl carbamate ester), uF2, are used. By changing the feed ratio of M2 to M3, the crosslink density was controlled. The polymers with low crosslink density are too brittle to keep the films shape. The […] mehr...

15.August 2012 - Neues aus der Forschung

Einfluss von hyperverzweigten Polymeren mit perfluorierten Segmenten

One-step Synthesis of Hyper-branched Polymer with Perfluoroalkyl Segments

Initiator-fragment incorporation radical polymerization (IFIRP) of commercially available fluorinated monomers was performed in the presence of cross-linking agents, resulting in a hyperbranched polymer with perfluoroalkyl groups (F-HBP). In our one-step method, a F-HBP was successfully prepared without gelation within 1 h. The F-HBP exhibited interesting properties based on both the hyperbranched architecture and the perfluoroalkyl […] mehr...

15.August 2012 - Neues aus der Forschung

Untersuchung zur Dispersion von Nanoclay in Naturkautschuk-Latex und deren Auswirkung auf die Vulkanisation

Study on Dispersion of Nanoclay in Natural Rubber (NR) Latex and its Effect on NR Vulcanization

Nanoclay I28E suspension was added into NR latex to obtain NR nanocomposite. The dispersion degree of nanoclay was studied in two levels: the aggregation size and the interlayer space of nanoclay. Firstly, the system was observed by high resolution SEM, that showed the aggregations with size of about 100nm. The interlayer spacing of nanoclay was […] mehr...

15.August 2012 - Neues aus der Forschung

Herstellung und Protonenleitfähigkeit eines vollständig kontinuierlichen Nanomatrix Kanals

Fabrication of a completely Continuous Nanomatrix Channel and its Proton Conductivity

A nanomatrix channel was fabricated via graft-copolymerization of styrene onto a deproteinized natural rubber (DPNR) followed by sulfonation with chlorosulfonic acid. The resulting sulfonated graft-copolymer (SDPNR-graft-PS) wa scharacterized by FT-IR spectroscopy, solid state 13C CP/MAS NMR spectroscopy, impedance analysis, elemental analysis, and transmission electron microscopy. A proton conductivity of 9.8×10-2 S/cm was achieved when SDPNR-graft-PS […] mehr...

15.August 2012 - Neues aus der Forschung

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