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  • The Tire Industrie will meet in Hanover - Tyres will be in the focus at the Tire Technology Expo 2016. In February Hanover will be the meeting point for the Tire Industry. The conference and exhibition will offer the visitors a technology showcase, with exhibits of equipment and materials covering the complete spectrum of the tire manufacturing process. In this issue you will find some interesting porducts, which will be presented at Tire Technology Expo. More about more current developments and research results in the periodic report of Lorry, which is one of the lighthouse projects in EU, p. 16 and from Józef Pelc, Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Warmia and Mazury, Olsztyn, who describes the „Simulation of Tire-Road static Interaction of all-Steel Pneumatic Truck Tire“, p. 33.



A. Rathi, W. K. Dierkes, A. Blume, Enschede, M. Hernández, Delft, The Netherlands
Structure-Property Relationships of ‘safe’ aromatic Oil based Passenger Car Tire Tread Rubber Compounds

Preeyanuch Prasopnatra, Chakrit Sirisinha, Bangkok, Pongdhorn Sae-oui, Pathumthani, Thailand
Processability and Mouldability of hydrogenated Acrylonitrile Butadiene Rubber: Effects of Co-Agent, Processing Aids and Softener in HNBR


Józef Pelc, Olsztyn, Poland
Simulation of Tire-Road static Interaction of all-Steel Pneumatic Truck Tire


Meng-Jiao Wang, Qingdao, China, Frank. N. Kelley, Akron USA
Effect of Crosslink Type on the Time-Dependent Tearing – Part I. Carbon Black Filled SBR Vulcanizates

Aleksandra Smejda-Krzewicka, Władysław M. Rzymski, Lodz, Poland
Influence of Regeneration Methods of used Rubber Goods made of the Butyl Rubber cured with Phenol-Formaldehyde resin on the Properties
uncured and cured Compounds of Butyl Rubber


Meeting Point for the Tire Industry
Tire Technology Expo 2016

More than a Century of Innovation and still not Slowing Down
The Tyre Industry

Development of an innovative Low Rolling Resistance Truck Tyre Concept
Lorry – Periodic Report Summary 1

Aktives Elastomerlager reduziert Schwingungen
Verformung auf Knopfdruck




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