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24.Juli 2012 - News

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Quality Control of „Green Tyre“ compounds

Rubber compounds containing high level of precipitated silica are notoriously difficult to mix and process. A short test procedure (< 5 minutes) enables the assessment of both the reaction between silica and added silane and the critical influence of temperature on silane degradation. The results obtained with a RPA2000 testing machine clearly demonstrate a „MIXING […] mehr...

28.April 2003 - Neues aus der Forschung


Application of Hygrothermally Decomposed Polyurethane in Rubber Recipes – Part 1: Natural Rubber (NR) and Nitrile Rubber (NBR) Stocks

In this work hygrothermally decomposed crosslinked polyurethane (PUR) was mixed up to 20 phr in standard natural (NR) and nitrile rubber (NBR) recipes. Their curing (CV system) and mechanical behavior were studied. It was found that addition of decomposed PUR resulted in faster cure and reduced Mooney viscosity in NR compounds. The effect was however […] mehr...

28.April 2003 - Neues aus der Forschung

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