The company is to meet Southeast Asia‘s increasing demand for performance polymers, especially for automotive and construction use. Furthermore MCC announced that its performance polymers subsidiary in Thailand, Sunprene (Thailand) Co., Ltd., will change its name to Mitsubishi Chemical Performance Polymers (Thailand) Co., Ltd., effective August 1.

The company had used Sunprenet, the brand of its polyvinyl chloride (PVC) compound, as its company name, and manufactured and supplied polymer compounds for automobile interior and exterior components and building materials. Now, with its new name and expanded product portfolio in addition to PVC compounds, it will more clearly be under the Mitsubishi Chemical umbrella, which aims to enhance its brand image within Thailand, and to identify it as an MCC performance polymers business.

Mitsubishi Chemical Performance Polymers (Thailand) is the fifth company to operate under the Mitsubishi name, following companies in the U.S., Brazil, the Netherlands, and China. MCC will further accelerate its global business efforts by positioning the Thai company as the major manufacturing center in Southeast Asia.