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Figure 3_relevant part of the sliced sample and position of the cutting planes along th rotor axis

Visualisation of the Flow paths

Flow Paths in a tangential internal Mixer as Optimisation Possibilities for Mixing of Rubber Compounds

Die Qualität eines Kautschukcompounds ist neben dem verwendeten Kautschuk unter anderem von den eingesetzten Füllstoffen, Additiven und Vernetzungschemikalien sowie dem Mischprozess abhängig. Kautschukmischungen werden vornehmlich in Innenmischern produziert. more...

March 19. 2020 - Research news

Fig. 2: UFR of oligoisoprene synthesized inmethyl alcohol solution: conversion curve (a) and second-order curve (b). [OH] = 0.963 eqv. L-1

The kinetics of the urethane formation reaction between hydroxyl-containing oligodienes HTPB obtained

Urethane Formation Reaction in Oligodienes Obtained in Solutions of Alcohols under the Action of Hydrogen Peroxide

The kinetics of the urethane formation reaction between hydroxyl-containing oligodienes HTPB obtained by the action of hydrogen peroxide in alcohol solutions, and phenyl isocyanate has been studied. more...

September 11. 2019 - Research news

Abb. 1: CFD-Si- mulationsumge- bung für Stift- extruder (Schne- ckendurchmesser  60 mm) und Aus- wertung der  Scherraten im  Strömungskanal  für zwei unter- schiedliche  Schneckenkonfi- gurationen.


Analysis of mixing behavior of pin barrel extruders by means of simulative and experimental methods

The design of the pin section of coldfed pin barrel extruders has been examined using simulative and experimental methods. more...

April 27. 2016 - Research news


Mobile mixing room information

CT Datentechnik, Nienburg, presents possibilities of providing an insight in procedures at the mixer via mobile end devices. more...

June 15. 2015 - Product Review

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Automatical Control of the Mixing Process

Efficiency through Intelligence

The Mixcont technology utilizes mixing devices Mixer (+Mills) as a kind of soft Dynamic Analyzer during the time when the batch is being mixed. The properties of the compound such as Dispersion/Distribution/Viscosity (DDV) are estimated in real time by means of processing of signals like torque, rotor speed, temperatures, pressure, ram position and other from mixer and/or mills. more...

January 7. 2014 - Tires in

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Volumetric Dosing

Dosing of two-component silicones

One very interesting product development involves two-component silicones in which the material hardness („Shore hardness“) in vulcanised form can be varied by regulating the mixing ratio. Uses of these silicones include applications in medical technology. more...

October 2. 2013 - Tires in

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Rubber Mixing Lines

Gains in energy efficiency by modernisation of mixing lines

The mixing of rubber compounds is quite energy-intensive. In abolute terms a zypical mixing line for technical rubber goods with 2 tons/hour throughput consumes about 4,5 Mio Kwh with costs of about 630.000 €. These costs are based on the consideration of DC drives, which – looking at the installed base – are standard in todays rubber industry. more...

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