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News and products presented at Tire Technology Expo 2018. Here you find an extract from new analysis technologies, raw materials, rubber processing machines and automations solutions for the tire industry. more...

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Tire Technology Expo 2018

Tire Technology Expo 2018 with more than 280 Exhibitors

After 2017 in Hannover (the 17th year of this industry-leading show in Europe), Tire Technology Expo will return to the Deutsche Messe in Hannover for three days on 20-22 February 2018. With the floor space now increased to 20,000 m2, show organiser, UKi Media & Events, expects the event to be even bigger than in 2017, with an overall attendance beyond 6,000. more...

January 18. 2018 - News

business man presses modernization integration update upgrade te

Digitization process in Rubber Industry

Transparency and Traceability in Rubber Processing

In free market economies, the use and the networking of technologies will increasingly expand across all branches of industry and across all departments in a company. Enterprises capitalize on the opportunities of connectivity of modern information and communication technologies in order to automate the communication between human and machine but also between machine and machine. Smart and digitally networked systems are the basis for this. more...

January 1. 2018 - Tires in

Fig. 1: Gear extruder for straining application. Source: all Uth

Gear pump technology opens new possibilities

Fine Mesh Straining within the Mixing-Line

Fine mesh straining with gear extruders developed especially for the straining of rubber compound, the roll-ex gear pump strainer from Uth ensures a low temperature increase under high pressure. With throughputs up to 10.000 kg/h the gear pump extruders are a particularly good choice for the operation in mixing-lines for different mixing stages. more...

June 13. 2017 - Tires in


Automatisierung im Labor

Technology for the smart labs of the future

Moderne Labore gleichen in ihren Strukturen heute oftmals noch einer klassischen Manufaktur. Geräte und Prozesse sind nicht vernetzt, und die kostbare Probe wird meist händisch von den Mitarbeitern prozessiert. Lange Zeit reichte dieser Aufbau aus, um die Innovationskraft der Labore auszuschöpfen. Heutzutage generieren sie jedoch vielfach größere Datenmengen, denen das bekannte Vorbild nicht mehr gewachsen ist. more...

May 25. 2017 - Tires in

Das Dosiersystem ist von allen Seiten zugänglich und erfordert dadurch besonders wenig Platz und Zeit beim Fasswechsel. Zugleich schließt die auf dem Touchscreen angezeigte Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitung Fehlbedienungen jetzt nahezu aus. Bildquelle: Elmet

Dosiertechnik für die Verarbeitung von Flüssigsilikon

Dosing system increases convenience and reliability in the injection molding of LSR

Auf der K 2016 stellte Elmet , Systemlieferant für den Bereich der Spritzgießverarbeitung von Zweikomponenten-Flüssigsilikonkautschuken (LSR), erstmals sein neues Mehrkomponenten-Dosiersystem vor. Die Anlage ist besonders leicht zu bedienen und von allen Seiten zugänglich für einen sicheren und komfortablen Fasswechsel. more...

May 18. 2017 - Tires in



Development of an Extrusion for the Continuous Pre-Cross-Linking of Solid Silicone Rubber

The blow molding of solid silicone rubbers is possible with a defined pre-cross-linking of the material. The pre-cross-linking allows the extrusion of the parison without strong drawdown and the forming with compressed air into a hollow body. The objective of this contribution is the development of an extrusion die for the continuous pre-cross-linking of silicone […] more...

April 27. 2017 - Research news


Friction and Wear Properties

Tribological Performance for Polyester filled by recycled Rubber

The aim of this work is to study the friction and wear of polyester as flooring materials filled by recycled rubber. The test rig, used in the experiments was top scratching tester equipped with an indenter to produce a scratch on a flat surface with a single pass. The tested material is polyester filled by […] more...

April 10. 2017 - Research news


Energieübertragung zur kontinuierlichen Vulkanistation

Analysis of the Efficiency of continuous Vulcanisation Processes

As shown in lab-scale investigations on continuous vulcanisation processes show, that various forms of vulcanisation energy transfer have very different energy demands and deliver material-specific different vulcanisation results and properties. In order to enhance basic knowledge on influential factors on continuous vulcanisation processes, a research is conducted on material-specific ideal vulcanising strategies using a specially […] more...

April 10. 2017 - Research news


Technology for unparalleled productivity

Roll covering systems – a new round of success

Krauss Maffei Berstorff strip winding systems have long gained a strong foothold in the market. With the successful installation, set-up and start-up of several strip winding systems in Europe, the USA and Asia in 2016, the machine manufacturer has been able to continue its success story in the field of roll covering equipment. more...

April 3. 2017 - Tires in

Conti Conveyer Patrick Raffler Messger‰t

Predictive maintenance with Industry 4.0

Increasing Digitalization in the Industrial Sector as a Growth Opportunity

International technology company and industry partner Contitech is experiencing considerable growth potential thanks to increasing connectivity in the industrial sector. more...

March 29. 2017 - Tires in

Die zwei Kunststoffkomponenten sind im Spritzguss miteinander verbunden, so dass ein Montageschritt entfällt. Bildquelle: BASF

Abrasion-resistant, low temperature flexible TPU

Plastic with a cold grip

Even at low temperatures plastic can efficiently substitute metal: the French textile and rubber company Joubert Productions, Ambert, is for the first time putting snow chains on the market whose chain links are made entirely from plastic. more...

March 7. 2017 - Tires in

Processing parameters and material recipes of bio-based polyamide

Energy-efficient Processing of Cellulose fibre reinforced bio-based Polyamide

The main aim of this project was to investigate the option of natural fibre reinforcement in combination with a bio-based polyamide. Accordingly, the appropriate processing parameters as well as material recipes have been extensively researched and optimized for the relevant requirements, i.e. high processing temperatures or compatibility of composite components, for the corresponding technical fields […] more...

November 30. 2016 - Research news

The company showcases new processing methods, technology and services. (Reference: NGR)


K 2016: New pilot plant solution manufactures PP film

At the booth in the exhibit hall, a new pilot plant solution from Collin will manufacture PP film. The film edge trims and film rolls will be further processed into rPellets by an NGR recycling machine. The processed plastics will then be returned back into film production. An inline melt characterization unit will also provide advanced quality control of the new plastics raw material during the recycling process. more...

October 17. 2016 - Product Review

Film blowing line (Reference: Hosokawa)

Film blowing line

K 2016: Blown film lines for up to 11 layers

Hosokawa Alpine, Augsburg, Germany, specialises in supplying complete Blown Film solutions ranging from single extruder mono-lines to 11-layer barrier film lines. Every system is custom produced to meet the specific and exacting requirements of each customer. The lines are distinguished by their quality, productivity and efficiency in a compact footprint. more...

October 17. 2016 - Product Review

Injection mould cleaning (Reference: Cold Jet)


K 2016: Sustainable dry ice cleaning solutions for the plastic and rubber industry

Cold Jet, Weinsheim, presents at the tradeshow its Plastics Edition. It is a comprehensive line of accessories that will come packaged with the Aero Series dry ice cleaning systems to provide the best cleaning solution for the plastics industry. The Edition is available in either pellet blasting systems or in the shaved ice technology. The shaved ice technology features the patented microparticle technology of the company. more...

October 11. 2016 - Product Review

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